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The Mauler
Name: Orion Arguros
Based on: Orion of Greek Mythology
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5’10”
Species: Faunus (Bear Faunus)
Symbol: A bear paw, but on both sides is the blade of an axe. Connecting all three are the dots of Orion’s Belt.
Appearance: 5’10”, tan and built rather athletically stocky, not like one would expect a bear faunus to be, Orion is a brick-shithouse for someone his age. Years of training both with his father and out solo in the wild against Grimm have made his already high Bear-strength more than any Gorilla, Bear, or semblance-powered human could achieve. But just like a bear, he is deceptively fast though not as fast as those like fellow 1st year Ruby Rose. He keeps his hair in a short trim cut around his pair of bear ears, as he’s seen many a fellow huntsman snagged by the hair for the sake of style. While his face is quite clean, a set of scars that stretch from his right eye to just above his mustache serve as a cruel reminder of why he chose to be a huntsman.
Aside from Beacon’s standard uniform, Orion wears a silver jacket with his symbol on the back over a black wife beater and pair of jeans held by a belt with his symbol on its buckle. On his chest are two tattoos, a bear claw with bloody slashes under the claws for his mother on the left, and a wolf howling over a moon in memorial of his brother.
History: Growing up in a town near the edge of Mistral, Orion lived in a family of just himself, his mother, and his brother. His father Leonidas is one of Mistral’s best Huntsman, working as an agent to the Kingdom. One day, Orion and his brother Carmine were left behind at home while their mother had gone out to fight off Grimm nearing the village when everything went wrong. A man Leonidas had put away for the mass murders of faunus, Apollo Feldgrau, had escaped from his prison and sought out the man who put him away only to instead run into the young brothers. Apollo had them outmatched in almost every way but was only able to subdue the powerful young grizzly with his paralyzing semblance. Orion could only watch helplessly as Carmine ambushed and scarred Apollo, who managed to pry the yelping teenager off and ran him through with his weapon. Before losing consciousness, all Orion could hear was a scream and the plunging of a blade…
Years later, he gets into Sanctum and finds his footing as a huntsman-in-training in the combat school. He was second in his class to only one fighter, his Sanctum teammate Pyrrha Nikos. Now he has gotten accepted into Beacon Academy, where he gets closer to his dream of becoming a Huntsman to protect the people of Remnant…and looking to settle an old score.
Personality: On the outside, Orion is a warm, level-headed person with a smartass sense of humor and an air of honorability and wisdom to him. Stranger or not, he’s always willing to help when he can. Orion has always hated watching defenseless people suffer at the hands of cruel people, so to say he’s not afraid to go “Angry Brother Bear” is an understatement, especially for those he cares for. On the inside, however, is a ticking time-bomb that he must fight to control… literally a sleeping bear that shouldn’t be poked. Orion will go above and beyond for his friends and family, even if it means risking himself. In combat, he’ll tackle things head-on after getting a good idea of his target’s strengths and weaknesses, and can coordinate effectively with teammates.
Semblance: Hyperkinesis- Orion tunes his senses and reflexes to greater levels than those of the fastest and most experienced huntsman, human or faunus. With this, he can react to the slightest muscle twitch of a foe’s attack, predicting the trajectory and countering it to do what he will in response. Not only are his reflexes and balance greatly enhanced, but his aim becomes flawless when he activates his semblance, making precise shots at almost ridiculous angles. This paired with his already absurd strength makes him a deadly opponent. However, heavy emotion and stress decreases the effectiveness, another reason why he tries to keep his emotions in check.
Theme Song: At War With Me - Zach Hemsey

Weapon: Arktouros
Primary Form- Gauntlets: A pair of silver and black gauntlets, each bearing one of the two axe blades. The poll of each blade holds grappling cables, the function being activated in either fist by a button via the Dust and/or bolt cylinders now acting as “nickel rolls” in the gauntlets’ palms (The Dust Cylinder is in the left palm, and the bolts in the right palm). A downside to this form is that the Dust cylinder has no effect in this form. The Crossbow form and Axe form can split down the middle to form the bladed gauntlets. When shifting into the other two forms, both hands take their respective sides while the Dust Cylinder is shifted above the bolt cylinder.
Secondary Form- Gatling Crossbow: The ax-pole shortens and bulks as Arktouros turns into its Gatling Crossbow form. The Dust cylinder is now directly in front of the bolt cartridge for Dust arrowhead selection prior to firing the magnet-powered steel bolts. The blades of the axe now the limbs and double as grappling hooks via cables within the upper-part of the assembly separate from the main firing mechanism for when Orion needs to take a vantage point or save himself in freefall. It has a switch for two firing modes (not including the safety option): one-shot or full auto. The sight is that of a typical ring sight with an iron sight just above the arrow track. It splits down the middle when going into Gauntlet form, with the left half and Dust cylinder forming the left gauntlet, and the right half and bolt cartridge going to the right gauntlet.
Tertiary form-Double Bladed Ax: A 5ft long double-bladed ax with the revolving Dust cylinder above the upper grip (which holds the selection trigger for Dust effects) and the bolt cartridge in between both upper and lower grips (the latter of which holds the transform mechanism). When Arktouros shifts into Gauntlet form, it splits down the middle just like the Crossbow form.

The Guardian
Name: Marian Alexander
Based on: Alexander the Great
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Symbol: A red Roman helmet surrounded by fire
Appearance: Has long black hair with a two streaks of white running down each side. White colored skin with brown eyes and standing at 5'7 feet. Wears the school uniform when need be, but during leisure hours or just hanging out with friends, Marian wears a purple sweater with a black shirt underneath and regular blue jeans when it's casual, and her combat armor is that of a Roman soldier. Her symbol is forged across the top of her chest armor and in th
History: Born in a small town that was in constant danger from all sorts of attacks, Marian was trained at the early age of five of combat of hand to hand and her very own weapon, The Rapid Fire. She was also trained in making sure non combatants are always protected and that she would always focus on civilians as her primary goal for defending. Over the years from her being in the support ranks of staying in the hear of the village, she has been upon of the main vanguards of defenses with her taking on the bulk of the hordes. Among finding friends in the town in both defense force and civilians, she even found love with another woman by the name of Natalie Jenson, a baker. Unfortunately later on during an attack, the horde by passed the main bulk of the defense and killed over half of the population including Natalie. Marian and the other forces regrouped in revenge and were willing to make the sacrifices to defend the town, but luckily help arrived from other cities and even the Academy itself came to the town's aid. The remaining horde was pushed away and Marian mourned the loss of her lover. With the remaining friends and family she has, the Academy offered to take her in as they saw she had potential. Realizing she had the potential to make more of a difference at the Academy, she accepted so long as her hometown was given proper defenses. Marian started the academy all when she was 17 and now is the beginning of her story.
Personality: Marian is a defender of towns, her school, her friends and innocents. She will fight to protect everyone even at the cost of her own life to prevent more to be sacrificed in conflicts. Though she is incredibly loyal to friends, family and her superiors she will disobey the orders if those orders mean that an innocent is killed or even harmed. Besides that she is referred to by a by the book woman in which she does what her superiors order her to and advises her teammates to follow orders as they are. Marian is very hard working in school and during missions, however that doesn't mean she can't have a fun side. Marian loves to be around her friends and family no matter the hobby as long as it's not disrespectful or harmful to others.
Semblance: Pyre Armor - Marian's armor and weapon is encased in a fiery aura, including a blazing fire around her helmet. The fire greatly enhances the cutting power of The Rapid Fire's blade.
Theme Song: Birthday - Taproot

Weapon: The Rapid Fire
Primary Form: An Assault Rifle that has streams of fire pained onto it from front to end and beneath the barrel of the gun. Under the barrel is a flamethrower attachment. It has two triggers with the top being the regular bullet firing and the other being the flamethrower. Both can be pressed at once.
Secondary Form: The front half of the TRF forms into a machete with it being inflamed with fire all around the blade with the gas tank in turn enhancing the brightness of the blade and could be used as a torch. The second half of the TRF forms into a black shield with streaks of red on with a Templar Helmet colored red in the middle. Along with it, the barrel of the gun is on the front of the shield along with trigger being on the back of the shield and with a click of a button, she can fire it. Like they say, "The best offense is a great defense."

The Runaway
: Xienna Henderson
Based on: Polyxena
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Symbol: Three overlapping triangles
Appearance: Sienna has mid-back length dark brown hair, with hazel eyes. She's around 5'7 in shoes, 5'6 without, clocking in at about 123 pounds. Her battle attire consists of a mid-thigh length skirt, with black stockings underneath, along with lightweight armor and a tan cloak that has her symbol over her heart.
History: Sienna was born into a good childhood. She had most everything she wanted, friends, loving parents, etc. But she still wasn't quite happy. She thought her life was a bit boring, you see. However, that changed once her father gave her The Viper, her weapon of choice. And once she had finally gotten her hands on it, she felt complete. In a year with the weapon, she quickly became skilled at using it and only honed her skills even more since. The feeling of The Viper, however, was nothing compared to Beacon Academy, as she was at the most excited she had ever been in when she enrolled.
Personality: Fairly personable although a bit shy when talking to both strangers and people of the other gender; despite this, she has quite a few friends and is an approachable person. However, in varying situations, her personality is constantly changing: one moment, she can be the bravest person in a group, but the next, she can be cowering and terrified and cursing.
Semblance: Speed
Theme Song: Second Chance - Shinedown

: The Viper
Primary Form: A medium-sized arm-sword.
Secondary Form The Viper splits into two small daggers, both curved like a snake fang.

The Rebel
Nemo Outisseus
Based on: Captain Nemo/Odysseus
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Symbol: A tornado swirling around a scimitar
Appearance: Nemo stands at 6'1", and is a medium build. Long blue hair draped down to his shoulder over a jade-eyed face that girls would expect to see on magazine covers. He wears a grey shirt under long blue jacket with grey armor down the front and back, on the shoulders, and down the forearms, the armor enamored with wind-like designs. A blue belt covered in the same styled armor fastens it over a pair of grey colored pants.
History: The son of a Vacuo councilman and a local politician, Nemo's household was all about upholding the laws and preserving a "hands-clean" appearance, never really mingling those who took to the life of being Huntsmen. They even kept him out of sight when hosting social gatherings because of his views on the profession. Out of spite and because he believed in helping those in need, Nemo went to a combat school just outside of the coastal city of Tocsin. In his 3rd year there, a childhood friend, Tyresia Neykia, was caught in the crossfire of a mob hit and when his family turned a blind eye to the matter, he took matters into his own hands. Using the moniker "Nobody," he wreaked havoc on those who preyed on the weak and helpless, and eventually found his way to the ones responsible, the Neró crime family. After months of hit-and-run and taking out high-priority men of the family, he finally worked all the way to the top, to Pauley “Famous” Neró. Even after his work there was done, he continued to keep watch over the city, until a run-in with a thieving faunus turned it all upside down. Now, he seeks to make amends with some of the things he’d done, even if it’s under watchful eyes.
Personality: Nemo is diligent and always thinking, always looking for a way to achieve a goal. Despite all of his humility when he was in Vacuo, he thinks he’s better than others because of what he did and, to an extent, he came from. Nemo still maintains a sense of humor though, even if he has a slight preference to going it alone rather than work with others. When he does get close to people, he does what he can to protect them
Semblance: Aerokinesis- Nemo can manipulate the air around him into gusts of wind which he can use for mobility and pushing/pulling objects and opponents. He also uses the wind to add an extra 1-2 feet of reach with his scimitar, Nautilus.
Theme Song:
Teachings of a Ronin - Zach Hemsey

Primary Form: A bluish-grey scimitar with a thick handguard over the handle. The bottom quarter of the blade and the hilt hold the clips/drums for Nautilus’ second form (similar to an FN-P90’s ammo system)
Secondary Form: A double-barreled automatic shotgun. The handle, hilt, and handguard fold out to form the trigger and grip, action, and buttstock of Nautilus’ shotgun. The lower parts of the blade expand into the frame and house the moving parts while the upper half of the scimitar splits open to reveal the twin barrels. The tip of the blade rests between them as a vicious bayonet.

Name: Jesse Burnside
Occupation: Student
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Symbol: A black heart between two brackets.
Appearance: Stands at about 5’9” in height; athletically built; light skin; black hair and amber eyes; besides the school uniform, his attire consists of a white t-shirt, a red overshirt, dark gray pants, black bracers, and gray & black boots.
History: Jesse tends to keep his past close to his chest, the most he’s ever disclosed to his teammates was that he has a dead father (that he may or may not have seen be executed), and a mother who’s been missing since he was 11. Thus far, he’s only confided the whole truth to three specific people that he felt he could truly trust: a dusty old crow, an experienced huntress, and a wise headmaster.
Personality: Jesse is an optimistic individual in spite of his rather turbulent history (being dealt a bad hand by life hasn’t ruined him, though there are moments where he needs some time alone); he’s someone who’s ready and willing to protect those who can’t protect themselves; he also has a bit of a sweet tooth, give him a bag of anything chocolate and not only will it probably be gone within 15 minutes, you'll more than likely become good friends.
Strengths: He’s fast on his feet, and has very good reflexes.
Weaknesses: His skill in hand to hand combat is... lacking, though he’s making an effort to improve, and he isn’t necessarily fond of using his semblance in combat. He’s also very awkward around strangers.
Semblance: Pyromancy- can create and manipulate fire, ranging from tiny flames to massive infernos (granted, he has seldom conjured up blazes that large). This semblance also grants him protection against fire-based attacks (Burn Dust is essentially useless against him).

Weapon: Dead Master
Primary Form: Scythe – A scythe with a black colored frame and green trim, and a crescent-shaped blade. Overall, it’s not too dissimilar from Crescent Rose, though there are slight differences, such as a slightly thinner frame, the lack of a scope, and no blades at the bottom.
Secondary Form: Automatic Shotgun – In this form, the blade of the scythe folds in and the frame slides down towards the magazine, and the barrel shortens but doesn’t collapse fully. A pistol grip pops out just behind the trigger, another grip springs out from the frame, and the bottom of the staff bends downwards at a 90 degree angle. Magazine holds 15 rounds.
History: Dead Master was built with the aide of the man that had found and taught Jesse, Qrow Branwen. He opted for a scythe as it was something he was familiar with due to his education, and it wouldn’t heavily rely on his semblance.

Name: Ash Williams (based on the Evil Dead character)
Based on: The character from Evil Dead
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Symbol: A rotting hand
Appearance: Charcoal grey hair and dull red eyes always looking like he’s seen some things, Ash stands at roughly 6’0”. He wears dark brown pants and a blue longsleeve button-up shirt with two slings across it: one for Evil Dead, another for its ammunition.
History: An average citizen of a town on the edge of Vale’s reaches, Ash only took up combat school in Signal to appease his parents. On the weekends, he and his friends would visit a cabin and party like most civilian teens would. But fate was cruel one night when Geists invaded the cabin, possessing anything they could to harm the partygoers. Ash watched in horror as his friends were killed by the Grimm, stuck in the garage with a metal rod through his hand. The only thing in his reach was a chainsaw…
Now he’s in Beacon, taking everything more seriously (or at least trying to), so he can ensure nothing like that happens to anyone else...and stocking the shelves at the S-Mart in Vale when he’s not in class.
Personality: Ash’s personality is a bit rough around the edges when it comes to being a team player. He takes a bit to grow on you, but he really is a trusty teammate. Crafty, Evil Dead was a creation of his own design after circumstances required he take his own hand off with the chainsaw he uses now. He’s got a bad habit of trying to be a ladies man at the worst times
Strengths: Craftiness such as limited knowledge of makeshift explosives (I’m looking at you, Army of Darkness), the strategist and wildcard of BAJJ
Weakness: His personality makes it hard to work with sometimes, especially when it comes to his womanizing. He is also, unfortunately for the rest of BAJJ, prone to cowardice and moments of stupidity. He’s also just barely above average as a fighter, but he’s getting there.
Semblance: Increased Durability- Ash increases his aura output and his durability increases alongside it, making him not just a strategist but a damage sponge. It’s especially helpful when coming to a teammates aid or if the tide has turned against him.

Weapon: Evil Dead
Primary: Chainsaw that attaches to the adaptor that holds his robotic hand. It syncs to the circuitry inside, allowing Ash full control of its functions.
Secondary: The chainsaw retracts into the frame and the twin barrels extend forward to take its place. Unlike a standard double barrel, Evil Dead is capable of firing multiple shots before needing to be reloaded.
History: The chainsaw Ash used to amputate himself. Ash modified it to suit his fighting style, even if it serves as a cruel reminder of his missing hand.

Name: Johnny Blaze
Based on: The Ghost Rider
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Symbol: A flaming skull
Appearance: The tallest member of BAJJ, he stands at 6’2” with a lanky yet burly build one would expect from a biker. He has orange eyes and his hair is reminiscent of a flame, colored dark red at the bottom, fades to orange in the middle, then fades from yellow to white at the top. Wears a black leather jacket with a row of three metal spikes on each shoulder and spikes on the forearms, and black pants.
History: A traveling stunt rider with his father, Johnny originally comes from Vacuo, but all of the traveling has left memories of his hometown fuzzy. One trip to a village in the badlands between Vacuo and Vale across poor terrain led to an accident; the trailer tipped over a ledge, and both he and his father broke loose of the seat belts, falling out of the windshield. Johnny made it out okay, at least in comparison to Mr. Blaze, who was crushed by the trailer. A good samaritan had passed by, offering to help Blaze’s critical injuries by unlocking his aura before taking him to a hospital. Wary of the stranger, Blaze accepted the help, feeling fully restored until he was told nothing could be done about his father.
Apparently, after the accident, a little bird sent word to a combat school in Vacuo who housed and trained Blaze. Once it was time to select an academy, Johnny was greeted with a call from Beacon Academy. Remembering the good times that were had in the kingdom of Vale, Blaze accepted, leaving all the blood, sweat, and tears of that day behind.
Personality: Johnny Blaze’s past as a stuntman shows as he is more than reckless, especially on his motorcycle. He can be serious, aside from picking on Sturm and making everything those two do competitive, as he watches passerby like a hawk. He’s not a holy roller, but he does believe that people should stand for those who are innocent, even if he’s not so innocent himself. This belief sometimes makes him a bit...hot-headed.
Strengths: Skilled mechanic, knowledgeable in Grimm, Remnant’s history, and Dust, can tell when someone’s lying (some say it’s like he’s staring into their soul), CQC/physically the strongest on BAJJ, good shot
Weakness: Recklessness and hotheadedness lead to more trouble than he likes to admit, not afraid to stand up for what’s right, and calling people out on lies, have also gotten him in fights.
Semblance: Ghost Rider (Transformation)

Weapons: Phantom Morrow and Hellfire
- Phantom Morrow is Blaze’s primary weapon, an incredibly long chain tipped with a dagger-like point
- Hellfire is a 6-shot tactical shotgun with a ghost ring sight. Capable of projecting blasts of Blaze’s firey aura when out of ammo.

Name: Sturm Johann
Based on: The Human Torch
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Symbol: A ball of fire between two hands
Appearance: Stands at just about 5’10” in height, with a lean athletic build to him. His hair is blonde and spiked up, and his eyes are an electric blue. Wears a white and blue jacket, a white tank top, and dark blue pants.
History: An energetic youth from the kingdom of Atlas, Sturm was always a bit of a rebellious child when compared to his older sister, which understandably caused its fair share of headaches for their parents. One day, his sister’s boyfriend invited the two of them and a fellow friend to witness a dust-related experiment he was about to conduct. It… ended poorly, to say the least. With Sturm being the only one not laid up in the hospital, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who was quietly blamed behind closed doors. Fed up, Sturm quietly packed whatever belongings of his that he could carry and sneaked away into the night. Now he attends Beacon, quietly hoping his past doesn’t come calling for him.
Personality: Cocky, always eager to show off. Bit of an attention hog, really, but has a heart of gold.
Strengths: A decent fighter, and is the fastest member of Team BAJJ.
Weakness: His cocky attitude and eagerness to show off will often times cause him to let his guard down around opponents. This has, predictably, cost him fights he would have otherwise easily won. He’s also not the sharpest tool in the shed, and his semblance can be easily countered with large amounts of water.
Semblance: Heat Generation- Sturm can generate a field of heat around himself that keeps enemies at a distance unless they want to be cooked well done. It’s speculated that it can be as hot as the sun, but he hasn’t attempted such temperatures for obvious reasons.

Weapon :Nova Superior
Primary Function: Bladed tonfas- Sturm wields a pair of bladed tonfas that are similar in color style to Pyrrha’s Milo. The blades rest on the long end of the tonfas.
Secondary function: Flamethrowers- at the bottom of the grips are button-triggers that activate the flamethrowers inside of Nova Superior’s short ends. Flames can also shoot with enough force to propel him (think Sharkface). Not only useful in combat...he uses it to race Johnny and his bike on occasion.
History: Constructed by Sturm during his time at Atlas’ primary combat school.

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