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I'm lazy. I could think of many stories but once I started writing I will forgot about it or in the long run lost interest so I'll go for one shots only. Reclaim, I think is the longest story I could afford for now. I will post my one shots in one story only but it will depend on the genre.

If you want to read my other stories here is the link:

1. Reclaim - Fem!Kuroro x Akashi / Onesided Fem!Mayuzumi x Akashi.

Genre: Romance, Hurt/Comfort

- How does it feel when everyone who you trusted whole heartedly betray and replace you like nothing happened. What would Tetsumi do if a transfer student, greatly resembling her, came to Teiko and claims everything she have including Akashi's feelings.

Another story of mine, created with the help of my friend DemFeels:

2. Crossover - Generation of Miracles

Genre: Friendship, Humor

- Aomine doing a long shot. Kise staying below the ring blocking every shots. Akashi copying skills and Kuroko being aggressive on court. What is going on? Warning OOC (weirder) GOM. Oneshot.

About my on-going stories

1. Reclaim

- I want to update it but I want to edit the previous chapters first. There are only two chapters left. But I will post the next chapter soon.

Next chapter

16 - Let's Play Basketball

17 - End

2. AkaFemKuroko Mini Adventures

- Just one shots, light misadventures about Akashi/Kuroko including generation of miracles.

Story 4 - Aomine being accused as a pervert

3. Emergency Supply

- One week vacation turns nightmare for the generation of miracles plus their current teammates

Next story: Food fights and Boys talk

4. I'll be waiting (I might change the title, it's too dramatic for my liking)

- It is also akakuro one shots with gom as side character.

Next Chapter: Side character of the next chapter will be Kise but I have forgotten the story. This will be posted in the far future.

5. Phantom Detective

Detective Conan Universe with Kuroko no basuke characters. I need to rewrite the first two chapters. I already thought how this story goes and the cases. If my laziness will not strike I could finish this story.

Next Chapters:

3 - The Secrets of Pandora - the background of Kaito Kid

Characters - Akashi Seijuuro, Midorima Shintarou

4 - Tetsumi's Kidnapping Case

Characters - Kuroko Tetsumi, Kagami Taiga and a mystery person

5 - Firebreak

Characters - Kagami Taiga, Kuroko Tetsumi

6 - A Death Song - Takao's song was banned after some series of suicides happen after hearing the song

Character - Takao Kazunori

7 - No stories yet

6. Kuroko Trollsuya

- The generation of miracles just like normal teenagers have the urge to do mischief. That includes Kuroko who maybe the master of all the trolls. No pairing just lots of trolling.

Next story: Trolling days from the diary of generation of miracles

Do you want a sleep over here? I think it would be awesome.

7. Into Her Eyes (Completed)

- Midorima x OC. A Romantic Comedy with some feels. First time writing an OC.

Upcoming Stories

1. Untitled yet - series of unrelated one shots. Pairing Female Kuroko to any GOM.

Genre: Romance, Drama

First Story - Unreplaceable - Akashi tried to help the suicidal Tetsumi after her fiance's (Aomine) death.

Pairing: Kuroko Tetsumi x Akashi, Kuroko x Aomine

Second Story - Tell Me Your Lie - concept based on the short one shot manga of Aoyama Gosho (author of Detective Conan) with the title Tell Me a Lie, but I will change the plot.

Kuroko Tetsumi could hear what really people's heart says. Upon learning Midorima's kindness despite being a tsundere, she fell in love with him.

Pairing: One Sided Kuroko Tetsumi x Midorima Shintarou

Characters: Kuroko Tetsumi, Midorima Shintarou, Akashi Seijuuro, Kazumi Takao

2. A Tragic Story - Witness how Midorima Shintarou deals with his crazy patients in the asylum. Each generation of miracles will tell how their insanity started.

Genre: Humor

Characters: Generation of Miracles, Kuroko Tetsuya

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