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hi my real name is mark and as most of today's youth (well i'm actually 20 but that still counts as young XP) i'm also weird in a good way i think i'm not really a socializing type of guy so i'm not really good at words and how to respond to others words/feeling but if you just try and get to know me well maybe you can see me as not so bad type of guy ( why do i feel like this is a plot like for a date WHICH IS NOT I SWEAR! its just well today's people see this like that in a way well i'm old school soo its all real and good ) anyway i'm from the Philippines i love the storm ( reason's strong winds,lighting,rain,thunder. translation freedom,sweets,fun times,noisy X} ) and other loves fishes as in pets mostly predatory types and also food type XD,spiders,reptiles,cars i am a dude,you know guys stuffs only the good kinds of-course which i will now type as you know today's world is very harsh right and i don't like how man treat women with horrible disrespect or anything related to that (you know the high level type of those) and i don't like it what women do these days that's just awful but i know they don't meant it seeing everybody is in need of money cause of desperate times ( I HIGHLY BLAME OUR WHOLE GOVERNMENTS WORLD WIDE! ) *sigh* if those rich people will be really nice and gives a little help to us but some of those help goes to other people if you know what i mean...anyway again i'm what nice people call special even if i already knows what that means *facepalm* but i like to stay mostly quiet - did i spell that right XP. but i think i really have what it takes cause i can do things really good but i'm a late guy [ (blames the adults for not giving me much attention) anyway XP i can cook really good i can already see/taste what i'm cooking well cause of the smell heck i can even experiment which always turns out good well if i have the ingredients i need XP heck i can even do more but my brain is keeping me well to a not so bright path *sigh* lets not go there to the sad part :D i love music of-course but no rap,hip-hop, no musics that well make you how can i be gentle with this ... dumb hey i tried at-least i'm being honest not like those fake people ugh i hate those beside the truth always hurts but lying doesn't mean for bad ways always right we lie to protect the ones we love right and other good reasons right and no i'm not talking the type like stealing your friends food or something related to that level. what i mean is we lie for the good high level type (sisters are here i'll continue later XP )
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