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Hey Guys! (Hi Susan),

My interest's lie with RWBY. I'm a senior game designer at GMU with a focus in narrative design and 3d Modeling. Stories are my passion, and I try to incorporate them into everything, be it to paper or in the sword of some random 3d character.

Interests...umm (I feel like I'm filling out an online dating survey, but whatever. I enjoy finding people with similar interests, if for nothing more than an email conversation.)

I love to pitch ideas and sound board off each other people, I find it stirs the creative brain much better than humming in the dark by myself until Lord of the Rings inspires me in some way. It would happen, has happened, will happen again, but I find human interaction to be quicker and more fun.


No Need For Titles: Discontinued

Fanfiction Interests:

RWBY go Whiterose! Or anything with Ruby, really. She can love whoever she wants. As long as it's not Jaune.

Book Interests:

Game of Thrones

In Death ( Seriously, if you love Castle, look this up. The main character, Eve Dallas? Absolutely amazing.)

The Witcher

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