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Hey, guys, this is ForteOfTheBallad98, with my profile.

Now, about all the stories I've posted and not updated, I'm taking my GCSE's and I'm doing a ton of revision, so I'll be updating when I can, not when I want, which sucks a whole lot of stuff.

Next, I'll be publishing an Arrow/Red Hood fanfic featuring the Red Hood, my single favourite Anti-Hero at the minute since in the Greg Weisman film he nearly KILLED Batman! No-one else has done that, I think, except Bane. I like Bane as well, just so you know. But I'm having trouble deciding which actor should be visualised as being UNDER THE HOOD (heh, get it? UNDER the Hood? I'm funny like that), so if you could please vote in the poll I've put up, that would be swell.

The two actors are Garrett Hedlund and Andrew Garfield, from Eragon and TRON Legacy and The Amazing Spider-Man plus a Doctor Who episode respectively. Please vote, you know you want to ;)

I have deleted some stories, as I feel I cannot keep up with them. Though rest assured, once I have a pattern, I will re-upload them one at a time.

Favourite Cartoon/Comic/Film Heroes:

1. Peter Parker/Spider-Man

2. Scarlet Spider (Kaine), mainly just for the badass 'stume and Iron-Man/Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr. for the wins!)

3. Bart Allen/Impulse (Young Justice Cartoon)

4. Batman/Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale); "I'm Batman" just seals the deal

5. Bruce Banner/The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo; to be honest, I'm as much of a fan of Ruffalo's version as I am of Edward Norton's version)

Favourite Cartoon/Comic/Film Villains

1. Deathstroke the Terminator/Slade Wilson (Teen Titans Cartoon; despite being the villain, it is incredibly satisfying to see him laying the smack-down)

2. Venom (Not ONE Venom, the iconic Venom and symbiote, though Venom II was wasted potential)

3. Carnage (Basically Venom hopped on enough caffeine to level a town. 'Nuff said)

4. Red Hood II/Jason Todd

5. Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan)

Favourite TV Shows

1. Sherlock

2. Doctor Who


4. Criminal Minds

5. Only Fools and Horses

Favourite Anime and Manga

1. Fairy Tail

2. Most of the Gundam shows, post SEED

3. Code Geass

4. Death Note, though I'm more into thinking of L as Sherlock than the actual plot

5. Yu-Gi-Oh!, GX, 5D's and possibly ZEXAL, because I literally grew up with these close companions

New Story Ideas:

Avengers: A Web of Connections: After saving a bank from the Black Cat thief, Peter Parker aka Spider-Man has been recruited for the Avengers Initiative by Nick Fury, a man who holds many secrets about his parents. During the adventure to stop Loki, Peter fears what will happen as more mutations occur. Meanwhile, why does that red liquid in the lab of the Helicarrier seem to react to Peter so much?

Here's a link to my deviantART profile that has recently posted character art that portrays my version of Venom from my fanfic Young Justice: Chronicles of Venom Volume 1: http:///gallery

Also, the universe my 'Venom' fanfic is set in is Universe-160; a combination of Marvel and Young Justice universes, and there will be some Ultimate Marvel influences. Stick tuned for the first one-shot set in Universe-160, titled 'Universe-160: The World Needs a Patriot'.


Fate Zero: Avenger of Swords-Chapter 5 'Bane of Evil': 7051 words as of 01/07/15. Sorry for the long wait, guys, but I think it may be worth it.

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