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Hi! Thanks you for taking the time to see my incredibly decrepit profile page! (its kinda a work in progress) I have followed fanfiction for a very long time, but never had the guts to post my own stuff, and basically I have no fragging clue what I'm doing, so please bear with me! I find that most of my stories peter out to unfinished plot points and hope that they will be revived with feedback and constructive criticism.

As is becoming a trend, you may have noticed that nearly all of my inspiration comes from songs, and with a random variety of genres, note that I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING from those titles, but if you take a microscope to my work and the lyrics, you may find some parallels from this crazy custard of mine.

I enjoy many works of literature and films, too many to say in fact, but the main fandom I associate with is the Transformer movies. (im a geek and lovin' it!) So drop me a line if you have any reviews, thought, story prompts, or other lovely inspiration!

Thanks again to all those who review/follow/favorite my stories! You make my day!!!

Sorry I have not updated, my inspiration and time have been taken up by school and life. SORRY!

EDIT: So college is a thing! Along with seems like half of the stuff I actually need, I left my saved chapters of anything I did not post back in my hometown. (Which is waaayy too far away for my liking)
Anyone who has watched my account for more than 2 minutes knows I am a sorry excuse for a writer, (I am going to a STEM school after all) but please friends, do not disillusion yourselves that I will post anything for at least 6 months. I have actually zero time to convert my mental plot-lines to written word, and quite possibly never will. Sorry, growing up is shitty and I have to focus on other stuff. Like research. And student loans. :( On a side note if anyone has a burning desire to talk to me, I will still be watching the account, just not posting any material.

If anyone actually reads this, I will be super impressed, but I felt obligated to explain why I have actually nothing new on this site :3 Thank you for listening to my rambling!!!


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