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Hi fellow members and readers

i ben reading fanfiction quit a long time i think 7 years maybe more. i read many difrent genras . sorry my writen english is a bit rusty, my speaking english is not so bad, reading english is pretty easy for me.

but anaway i read horror,humor,romance,supernatural,hurt/comfort practical all ganres.

i read harry potter, watcher particular rorschach he is my farvorite.

star wars, naruto, rosaria vampire, batman, dc univers, buffy vampire slayer.

one piece bleach, i read alot.

many hours have been wasted reading all off does.

i read practical every type off genres.

any typ off subjet i probably read.

I live somewhere in sweden.

gender inderscribabel i like that word.

i dont read real book i think there boring. i read temaria about a dragon that talks, i read that book because i own it.

age old enough.

interested in anime ,fanfiction, movies, tv shows,horror and action.

i like bloody movies,shows, like dexter.

I have pet salamanders 2 there quite cute.

I want a cat that have a fluffy tail and is black.

i dont go out much i am quite antisocial, i like winter spring autumn and summer, i love the color in the leaves in autumn.

i have sibling. cousins lots of 4th cousins.

anything more about me.

problay lots but i can't remeber any more.

Have a good day.


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