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Hello fellow Knights, I'm always open to help and am currently in desperate need. College has me extremely busy, and I can never find time to sit and write, I do have multiple stories planned out, and have decided to employ co-authors. So if you're interested I will need a few things from you;
1.) Messenger, or something like it (I do not have, nor will I be getting snapchat.)
2.) email(a google account, so you have access to my stories)
3.) A Pen-name by which to call you ( mine is Cabe Goodknight, of course)
In turn, there are a few things I will give you as soon as I know that A.) you are interested, And B.) you're Trustworthy. These things include;
1.) my Messenger(of course)
2.) the login information for the account( for all intents and purposes you would become an "employee" of GoodknightStudios, under myself, of course, I CANNOT provide a salary, I am a broke Business Major, trying to make it through life.)
3.)a good friend
Above all else, I believe the third to be the most important! I hope you are interested and respond in kind.
(P.s this will require me to read some of your stories if you have any)

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