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Hi, everyone. My nickname is Ike and I live in the U.S. I first came across FanFiction when I read a fanfic entitled "Change Of Fate" by Crazy Ani. It was very good and I've been reading fanfics since then. And now, years later, am today a fanfiction author in my own right. I also enjoy anything with action, adventure, and superpowers(not everything mind you). That's all I have to say for now in regards to myself and best health and wishes to everyone.

On a side note, I read one of Phillipe363's fics recently and learned from it, to my surprise, that Candace Patton walked around naked in front of children at a beach (Aragorn later clarified to me that it was her private pelvis area she exposed and that she was not on a nude beach).That was very surprising to me and something I did not expect to happen. When I kept looking for info online though, I could not find anything but am going to take his and Aragorn's word for it.

If it's true, then what Candace did was wrong and out of line. In fact, she, nor anyone else, should be walking around naked in front of anyone, anywhere, whether it be in front of a child, a teenaged adult, or a legal adult. She, like anyone else, should keep her stark naked butt at home.

Even Malcolm, a villain and as much as he hated Nyssa, decided that they should both keep their shirts on for propriety during their final S4 duel.

I don't consider her to be a borderline pedophile though even though I understand why some people would, but her actions were definitely highly inappropriate and as the late comedian Bernie Mack said, the human body's a beautiful thing but not something for everyone to look at. And we also don't live in Europe.

And so she would be wise to send a public apology instead of having boasted about it. But we should not just condemn her but also pray for her.

Plus the new "The Flash" showrunner should probably and firmly call her out privately over this and encourage her to publicly apologize and behave more like her current S6 fictional self that he created due to fan complaints instead of as a real life bare exhibitionist or adulteress.

Not only that, but teen adults and young children watch the Arrowverse and therefore might even look up to the actors and/or characters they portray, and if they do things like exhibitionism, adultery (including for Melisa Benoit and her husband depending upon the origins of their marriage), and selling young women to prostitution in real life, or write a storyline involving almost adultery like Kara/Mon-El in S3, then those teen adults and young children might think grow up thinking it's alright to do those kinds of things in real life and in turn start practicing those things as legal adults.

The actors, other celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Justin Berber, and superhero television characters should set a good example for youthful watchers and especially if they're looked up to as role models for those youths.

Secondly, while I will not be giving a full counter argument to the firm, and sometimes harsh, verdicts for the crossover and finale, I would like to add one single exception please regarding it. In regards to Tommy and Laurel, I don't think Laurel's romance with Oliver was erased. These are my thoughts about it, which I shared with Aragorn, and I watched that funeral scene over and over and it reinforces my personal opinion I shared with him, as follows:

I see then on Lauriver although, unless I again missed something, I don't think it was erased either. My memory is that Tommy only referred to Laurel as his wife. From what I'm understanding of it, the S1 love triangle and Lauriver's story still happened and all the way up to Tommy breaking up with her because of Oliver's feelings for her. Except this time around, Oliver did not declare his feelings for her and instead allowed her and Tommy to reconcile.

Basically, I think what you wanted for them, which is Laurel having been with Oliver first and then moved on with Tommy, is exactly what happened on Earth Prime.

If I'm wrong then I'm wrong."

Also, after having watched that scene over and over, the only thing Tommy said about his relationship with Laurel was that she was his wife. No backstory. And that's why I believe that unless otherwise revealed, Lauriver and the unnecessary Oliver/Laurel/Tommy triangle still happened on Earth Prime, but with a different ending in that Tommy/Laurel were endgame.

And it's also something I personally am for since it erases both the addict Laurel arc, and also the bad behaving, self-righteous Laurel and her triangle drama with Oliver and Sara arc, from S2.

Thirdly, I'd also like to share my personal beliefs that all title characters, whether it'd be Oliver, Barry, Kara, or anyone else, should always be treated with respect and, unless it's a nature vs nurture issue like "Smallville" Kara being physically superior and more in control of her Kryptonian nature than "Smallville" Clark, no other character, man or woman, should be superior to or outshine the title character.

This is an apology addressed to two authors here that I've offended, though I won't say their names since they know who they are.

First, in regards to what I had said to them about West-Allen, I promise by all that's good, right, and holy, I wasn't trying to shove it down their throats. I genuinely believed that what I'd said was diplomatic, neutral, and would even compliment their stance against it. Bla4ckHunter however, breaking it down, was able to clarify and explain to me what the problem was and I now understand where I went wrong.

Therefore I'd like to say that I'm sorry for the offense I caused to them with it and for being argumentative and defensive over it instead of looking to see what the problem was, even if I had not understood the issue before Bla4ckHunter showed it to me. And just because an intent or motive might be pure, it does not mean that the action from it is pure or acceptable, not to mention that even if I had disagreed with them on the matter, I should have still respected them and yet I did not.

In addition, I did not always show them the proper respect but continually and consciously tried to shove the Arrowverse down their throats. I was making it all about me, and as part of a particular agenda of mine, and acting like I was the center of the universe, showing and having no respect or regard for their wishes. I was being entitled, self-serving, wanting to promote my own agenda, and a bully. I did not think it was bullying then but am now able to recognize it for what it was, which was exactly that.

And plus I told one of them in my last message to him that I had only tried to promote the Arrowverse to him 3 times, not 3,000 times. Whether or not it was 3,000 times or only 3 times, I had no business or right to be doing it even 1 time and was therefore out of line. And plus that "I only did it 3, not 3,000, times" excuse should have never come out of my mouth in the first place and I have no ground to stand on in regards to that line either. I should've left the matter alone instead of trying to continuously trying to press the matter to him. No means no and I should have respected that instead of trying to push my weight or agenda around.

Therefore when they blocked me, I've come to the understanding that it was a long time coming based upon how I behaved towards them with the Arrowverse, I brought it upon myself, and have no one to blame except for myself for it.

And saying all of that, I am sorry for trying to force the Arrowverse down their throats and for being argumentative over it, for trying to promote my agenda to them regarding it and not respecting their feelings on the matter, and for being a self-entitled and all-around jerk and bastard to them instead of respecting the no means no phrase. What I was doing was wrong, it was indeed getting beyond old as one of them said to me, and again, I am sorry for that behavior.

I'd also like to apologize to others here in regards to Canarrow and Assassin Canarrow. I personally ship them and wish that one of them had been endgame for "Arrow". And therefore I wanted to have as many fics of them available in order to increase their presence and especially since there's a multitude of Olicity fics available, me wanting to outbalance it.

As part of it, I had been doing Canarrow and Assassin Canarrow fic events in which myself and others would try to cover up the entire first page of the "Arrow" Fanfiction page. After having done some thinking however, I've now come to the conclusion that trying to have an entire page covered up with fics for those ships only was wrong of me and unfair to those who do not ship those two ships.

Fanfiction should explore all ships and genres, even if not all of us agree on them, and therefore I was being disrespectful towards the Olicity fans, the Oliver/Shado fans, and anyone else here who likes their own ships, or does not like Canarrow and Assassin Canarrow, by trying to cover an entire page with only the ships I prefer.

Even if I don't ship Olicity or Oliver with anyone else outside of Sara or Nyssa, I should've still respected all of you who do and I did not do so, and it wasn't right or fair to any of you.

And while there were other authors who joined me, I blame no one but myself due to being the mastermind behind it.

And saying this, I am sorry to you guys for trying to cover the entire first page with Canarrow and Assassin Canarrow fics, and probably causing you to have to skip to another page so that you would not have to deal with my zealous ship promoting for them. Please forgive me.

In regards to ship promoting, I received an allegation from one of the two authors that I behaved badly towards in that I've tried to force ships down others' throats before, including a ship from "The 100" series called Jasper/Octavia. Outside of Canarrow and Assassin Canarrow, I'd like to say however that I have no memory or recollection of doing this with Jasper/Octavia or any other ships.

I've always believed that I had been respectful in regards to ships and had never tried to shove the one I liked down anyone's throats or ever went crazy and bullying over them. And in my heart and soul, I honestly have zero memory of trying to ask an author, more than once, for a particular ship to be written for me when that author had already said no the first time.

And so I'd like to ask everyone a serious question please. Other than Canarrow or Assassin Canarrow, does anyone here have any memory or example of me trying to promote a particular ship, trying to throw my weight around to do so, or being a bully over it instead of showing respect ?

In addition, does anyone also have any memory of me trying to slam and hammer Jasper/Octavia or any other ships onto someone's heads here, either passive aggressively or like a selfish, crazed maniac ? And is there an author anywhere here that I've tried to press or force to write a preferred ship of mine after they've already said no the first time ?

If so, please let me know and I will take responsibility and apologize. But as of now, my mind is a completely blank slate in regards to it and I have no way of remembering the contents of every single message I've sent here and over the years. I only remember Canarrow and Assassin Cannarow, having now recognized my bad behavior in regards to how I promoted it, but also don't remember asking for it more than once from an author who already told me that he/she would not write it.

Having said all of this, I have 2 announcement to make. First, while I'll still be hosting Canarrow and Assassin Canarrow fic events, I will no longer be trying to cover a single page here with nothing but those ships. From now on the number will only total 5 fics on one page during these events, 7 at max.

Secondly, I will no longer be using this site, or YouTube, to write speeches, dissertations, or rants that promote what I feel is good about the Arrowverse and why those who've quit should come back to it. As one of the two authors I wronged told me, it's not for me to promote the Arrowverse and speaking of which, I'd also like to apologize to anyone here who was annoyed with my speeches on why it was allegedly good again.

I should've listened to that author, but I did not. I'm going to listen to him now though regarding Arrowverse promotional speeches and therefore if anyone wants my thoughts, including in regards to the Arrow S7 finale, you'll have to PM me if you want, for I am not doing those public dissertations or promotional speeches here ever again since I had no business doing that.

And that's all I wanted to say.

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