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I love fan fiction in Due South, Emergency, Sherlock, X-Men, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I don't like slash and won't read it unless the characters in the shows were written as gay. Jack Harkness slash fic, sure, but Johnny and Roy...nope. Sherlock and John...nope. Fraser and Ray...nope. You get the picture. I've written a number of fics in the above fandoms (except Sherlock), but I don't have them posted here. I ship Sherlolly which is Sherlock and Molly. I ship Fraser and Francesca and Fraser and Thatcher. I ship Buffy and Spike. I ship Wolverine and Rogue and Wolverine and Jubilee. Johnny and a well written OC is good. I read a ton of fic and I also review, but I won't leave negative reviews or bash anyones writing.

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