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Hello, I'm Kid Coheed, as of posting this I'm 26 (fugging ancient), I'm a fan of Harry Potter, Naruto, Bleach, Highlander, all things DC Comics and Marvel Comics. I love adventure shows, my mix matched Musical taste. Proud New Yorker. PM is Always Open to Questions and a Ear to bounce Ideas off of, but be warned we may not see eye to eye.

I'm not really a author, but I do have a few challenges, and I'll start posting them here for everyone to see









Naruto/Hinata (when well written)

Naruto/Tsunade (Yeah seriously)






Batman/Wonder Woman

Batman/Talia (only temporarily tho)


Superman/Wonder woman

Superman/Obsession aka Mrs.Superman


Spiderman/Black Cat

Spiderman/Liz Allen

Challenges Area!

The Black.Mage

Harry Potter looked out over the city... HIS City, much like Lex Luthor rebuilt Metropolis Harry Rebuilt his new home Keystone City and all at the age of 27. His first pet project "Potter Industries" had grown from a midsized Shipping company to a small but rising Conglomerate in the past 9 years. By his 18th birthday he fled his london home and England all together when the Daily Prophet had run its 5th article detailing his apparent rise as a Dark Wizard with his "attempt to gather Dark Creatures" when he visited a small retreat for responsible werewolves out in northern Germany. The Daily Prophet had its fans because mere hours later Aurors tried breaking into his home wanting nothing more than to take him in. Fleeing to the States had been a breath of fresh air. Away from the abusing media Harry was afforded freedom he hadn't be before. Gathering the resources of the Potter Family and mostly from their big money maker "Potter Shipping" around for the past 60 years became the center piece of his crown. First was a small pharmaceutical company on its last legs. Harry purchased it for a few million dollars and easily made his investment back with a old idea he and Hermione had kicked around in there fifth year. Harry and his bio-engineers quietly and carefully researched simple potions, before synthesizing the molecules in the potions to create super drugs for the Non-Magical world. 37 patents they had and more coming in the next year with 4 major sellers. From his success in Big Pharma Harry proceeded to expand further and included a large scale construction firm that had bombed from a over delayed casino building. Turning the Company around with a little Wizarding assistance from a group of "New Foremen". In 3 years they had built a wonderful skyscraper in downtown Keystone to house not only Potter Industries but also a good number of companies. Harry James Potter the boy from the Cupboard beneath the stairs was now a billionaire, who while not yet on par with Queen, Wayne or even Luthor Harry's worth was nothing to sneeze at. His next move hopefully was into engineering he had a few ideas and with the right minds and the perfect nondisclosure agreement that was backed up by magic he could again change the world in some way.

Harry looked over the Small but now powerful city that was slowly rebuilding after the last economic crisis had all but gutted the city of 2 million. But all his work wasn't enough he had helped the city but it still needed help, not help providing jobs and housing like his construction company was currently building but help on the streets. There was still a startling number of drug related crimes, organized crime had gotten it's hooks in the city. But Harry could help, it wouldn't be the first time he had done what the government couldn't. And he wasn't alone, there were a number of heroes now that did what Harry was planning on doing. From Superman in Metropolis and The Batman in Gotham there was even The Flash across the river in Central City, all doing the same thing protecting their homes by being Vigilantes. Harry looked over his crime fighting suit. He was prepared for everything from street thugs with guns, to the "meta-humans" that had been popping up to even rising Dark wizards. Harry wasn't leaving anything to chance in this endeavor not like his "war" against Riddle. Hell he even had a pseudonym ready... The Black Mage... yeah that sounds right.

Yes ANOTHER DC universe crossover from me this time Harry Potter gets some action.


1) Harry while he can go back to London or more specific the wizarding world, doesn't want to. One they tried to make him out into the next Voldemort and two Harry feels responsible for Keystone City. He does stay in touch with his wizarding friends but they aren't the center of his life anymore, they have children and he has his hero work and his company.

2) The other Heroes have JUST come out, Superman went public just a half year before, the Flash 2 months after that but the main thing is that many of them had been building up a quiet lore from The Flash's Red Streak ot Superman's Blue Angel even Batman's Urban Legend days. Many heroes have been heroes for a while but it is only recently they're known of openly. That means Harry is the first of the second wave heroes. There isn't a Justice League yet just the phenomenon of Superhuman Heroes.

3) I stated this in my last Challenge, Harry can't talk every villainess into a law abiding person. Women are people too and people are evil sometimes. Harry will have to deal with that fact and so will any writer.

4) because Harry is a lone hero in his city and Other Heroes had yet to create their own rouges galleries, Harry must do the same, again no travels to a known city to have Harry fight a Supervillain. Develop ones for Harry from already existing DC Villains that while interesting don't get much play, like The Anomaly, Blackrock, and may others. DC.Wikia is your friend when it comes to finding DC Villains and Comic Vine also helps when getting a little more depth. A little research can open hundreds of paths.

5) a huge miss understanding is that the DC Heroes don't kill at all. That isn't true for everyone not named Batman. While killing is heavily frowned upon it isn't out the question for foes the heroes can't keep in check. Harry can kill people but don't turn him into the Punisher, it's justifiable when your at the end of your rope it's not to help him get back to his girlfriend and finish watching a play. Save the Kills for important characters and for later times. People can die but Harry can't just kill off every horrible villains because others feel it's the "Moral" thing. Harry would have to feel there is no OTHER Solution than to kill that person.


1) Certain pairings: Harry/Slash, Harry/Batgirl, Harry/Catwoman, Harry/Poison Ivy, Harry/ Supergirl, Harry/Wonder Woman. Find Harry someone else like Silver , Killer Frost, the Theif Mouse, some other girl but avoid the pairings I stated above.

2) Harry heroing as Harry, Harry can't be flying around and be openly known as the Head of a Company, hide his face and think about other ways people are recognized. Fingerprints and Hair hence no fingerless gloves and no hair in the breeze.

3) Powers other than his Magic: no Kryptonian Harry's, or Speedster Harry's in this. Harry's power has to be Magical based, he can have a level of Superhuman strength or speed he can even fly but you must explain it with Harry's Magic as it's base. Whether it's Rituals, Runes inscribed in his Suit or on his skin, a spell that would kill weaker Wizards. Magic is where Harry's power come from in this challenge.

4) Wands in the Field: this should be Sticks in the Field. Harry can use wands outside of costume to hid even deeper from Muggle savvy wizars who would accuse Harry of being The Black Mage (or whatever you call him, just keep it simple) but in the Field no staves or wands. Now Harry can simulate wandless abilities if you want to hold on to foci by using Focus rings or Bracelets even a pair of forearm guards that focus magic like wands. But no sticks in fights.


1) Harry's Villians don't need to always come from DC, Harry has some possible interesting Super Villains like A Controlled transformation Greyback or any werewolf, or a living Bellatrix maybe Draco Malfoy followed Harry and feels like getting revenge on his childhood rival by attempting to kill him or those close to him.

2) Harry while running large companies can't always be making a new breakthrough. There should be times while Harry and his people rest on the laurels and have periods of getting by. Harry can't always have a profitable project going on

3) Try and use Harry's day to day life in the story, I know "Heroes, Capes, Punching" but if we don't like Harry or the other people in the city or even see them we won't can if he saves them all a million times over, build a world that we care about outside of Harry as the Black Mage.

Giles Apprentice: The Demon Hunter

6 year old Harry Potter running his way home from school in a bid to escape his Enormous cousin and his newly formed Gang. Rushing down a street only 4 blocks away from his Relatives home he bumps into a older man.

At the same time 33 year old and resent graduate of the Watchers Training, is moving into a new home, in his hands a centuries old vase when a tiny slip of a boy no more than 5 runs into him. Giles watches as the vase goes flying only to slow down and end up floating inches of the ground with the little boy who caused him to drop it in deep concentration.

It's a moment that bonds the two together, from that moment till Harry's 11 birthday every day after school ended, Giles and Harry would train and learn from everything thing from Magical experimentation to learning about demons to basic things Watchers need ti know for assisting a Slayer. Harry is Giles pet project, a male assistant to the Slayer another Stakehand in the field, as well as a young Watcher able to relate to the Chosen one. That is until Harry's birthright comes calling and Harry is sent to Hogwarts.

The summer after Fifth year Giles flees with almost with no word to Harry. Harry knowing Giles duty accepts his teachers disappearance, but knowing that once his destiny is completed he will travel, find his teacher and assist the Slayer like he has trained to.

Timeline: Post Harry Potter Canon, Buffy Post Season two pre Season 3. Harry takes over as "Slayer" or "Hunter" in Sunnydale during Buffy's time in LA as Anne the Waitress.


Harry is well trained on both sided, Giles left no stone unturned training Harry. Physically, Mentally, Spiritually. While in Hogwarts Harry devoured every book he could on a good number of subjects. Harry isn't a chump. He can use a good number of spells wandlessly. Not all spells but enough that he isn't afraid to battle vampires and other lower level demons.without his wands.

The two magical styles from either series are mutually exclusive, thus Willow can't throw around Stunners and AK's and Harry can't do anything like the Slayer empowerment spell. The reason for this could be that when Atlantis fell the two magical styles splintered apart leaving two styles.

Harry is trained both as a Slayer and as a Watcher. His position is basically a field agent for Giles, he can run around slaying Vamps but if something more is around he can figure out what it is. He probably can't tell you how to slay it right away but he will know if retreating is the right Idea

Harry acts as the second to the Slayer, giving advice but never commanding. He can and would take charge when Buffy (or any other slayer he is working with) is away from the group.

Forbidden: not much is forbidden only

No non canon Slash

No Harry/Buffy, to much drama comes from her love life and if Harry takes that it kills much of the plot devices to move the plot along (Angel, Riley, Spike, now tell me this wasn't needed)


Harry calling Giles "Uncle Giles"

Harry is affected by the Hellmouth in some way maybe he can't use teleportation magic or it makes his magic slightly harder to use (his reserves aren't as deep inside the Area of Effect)

The way Harry left the WW eeveryone is looking for him, maybe a few Witches and Wizards who know him show up.


Harry x Faith (damn near perfect pairing she is the wild child, Harry is the Boy scout of the light. And you have a built-in storyline with Faith's fall and redemption)

Harry x Willow (post 5th Season, I love Tara but IDK if Harry would change anything in saving her but I do think Harry's presence could change what happens to Willow, maybe her rehab takes place with Harry.)

Harry x Lavender Brown (hey she isn't used much and she would fit in perfectly with the Valley girls of Sunnyhell, plus if you have her scared by Greyback she could be useful in the field)

Harry x Other Potter Witch

Harry x Potential Slayer

Ninja of Opal City

Naruto was still haunted by the things that happened only 3 months ago. It had started when Sasuke regained the trust of the Village and with it the Console and their former Sensei Kakashi's trust. With the weight of his Sharingan and Rinne'gan he pushed his agenda and with it Kakashi's and Sasuke's lock on him. Unable to leave Konoha without a massive "guard" unable to pick missions and disbarred from interacting with other shinobi, Naruto was frozen out all under the duty to "Prevent another attempt to perform The Moon's eye plan" although Naruto held the 9 Bijuu within the Seal on his belly button he wasn't a Ninja to turn on his home. That was until they ordered the Bijuu removed and his Chakra sealed do To fear of his Stability. Fleeing Konoha with only a few select Items in a scroll left to him by Jiraiya, Naruto fleed to what Should have been something Only in fairy tales and story books. A Massive Gate way created and built by Hagoromo. Built to divide his Continent the Land of Mu from the rest of the world. It was the only choice, flee the Continent, Planet and the Universe Hagoromo built to hide Chakra and the Tailed Beast away.

Waking up tied to a bed, was the only clue Naruto needed that where he was, was bad news. Let alone the doctors surrounding him uncaring of his sudden awareness. They should have. When the Ties broke from the steel bed should have told Naruto something was off. When he put his fist through a man's chest would have normally made the Last Uzumaki come up short but it wasn't any of that, that let him on. Nor did his Super speeding into the walls along the staircase leading to the roof of the Building. And with a simple 6 foot long jump Naruto Uzumaki understood why Hagoromo cut the two worlds off and where Old Man Six Path's messed up. Instead of leaping a dozen or so feet to the next roof, Naruto was launched hundreds of feet forward, with a simple attempt to slow himself down Naruto pushed a large amount of Chakra around his body. It was then that Naruto understood something. Chakra in the new world was strong especially when a little more Chakra then was necessary to water walk kept him a float in the air. Opal City would end up being his home, and he would guard it. The Villains looking to abuse the City "Rejects" from other Cities considered "Too Weak" by other Rouges they would change that Idea, a Hero rejected by his home, Villains rejected by their peers and a City rejected by a number of others, seen as old fashioned and stuck in the past.


The Elemental Nations are the Lost Continent of Mu, sealed off from the rest of the world into a new planet on a new plane of being. Naruto gets through the Gateway and that is how he gets to the DC Universe.

Naruto lives in city often forgotten by many people Opal City (home of Starman) or Fawcett City (Home of Shazam) or another city not often used by Crossovers.

Naruto's Plane has much denser Gravity and different air mixtures thus on DC's earth Naruto his a level Super strength, speed durability. Combine that with the lack of Resistance to his Chakra that he normally has to deal with and Naruto's Abilities skyrocket.


No Joker, no Harley, Freeze, Ivy...you can see where we're going here right? No over done Villains especially if they are Batman Villains. To many people just watched Batman the Animated Series and think that only those Villians exist. Use DC Wikia and craft the needed Origin stories how you want.

Kryptonian/Speedforce/Gene Splicing Naruto. I'm opening up how powerful Naruto is with Chakra (Shouldn't have to as Chakra by itself would easily be a match for 90% of DC's Villains) No more adding things and having no fun with a over powered overwhelming character who you can't write a challenge for.



Naruto with his New Super speed, strength, durability also add Chakra Flight (Ala Ki Flight in Dragon Ball) and Jutsu of all 5 basic Elements and a few mixed Elemen

Naruto needs money to live, and you need away to introduce OC characters and non villians. So don't just have him win a bunch of money, he should have a job. A Waiter, a Barista, he works in a Radio station, or he's a Personal assistant, again think out side the Batman/Superman boxes.

Naruto isn't invited to join the Justice League and so he builds his own team (either what would be Justice League International, or a new Justice Society of America) built off of second and third tier heros who end up being ignored by JL. A few of those Heroes can be heirs to old JSA heroes.

Lightning Struck Piece

In reality or this reality Harry James Potter wasn't much of anyone. In his past life/reality he was the Boy who Lived, the Man who Won, the chosen one and every other name in the book... but the one that haunted him was "The Eternal Mage" not for his accomplishments but rather the fact that he had stopped aging. While that isn't terrible, no wrinkles or grey hair hell no dementia... the ageless-ness came with the problem if watching his loved ones die just as any normal person. During his 237th year of life only 70 year after Hermione finally pasted leaving him alone a relic in the rest of his family's life often forgotten by his many times great grandchildren.

70 years he searched for a way... When he arrived he was only 5 years old a few teeth missing leaving him with a cute and rather effective smile. And for 12 years he aged like a normal boy aged like a normal boy, went to normal schools, even had normal dreams. He was normal in every way he even lacked the biggest thing that made him extraordinary, his Magic. Magic-less Harry lived a normal life. That was until he noticed a new girl coming to his Academy Seekvaira Agares. A Young White haired Japanese transfer student, who it seemed was looking for something what Harry didn't know, what he did know was that as much as she was looking for something or someone, a lot more people had shown up in the small town all looking for something...

Harry Potter and DxD crossover!

This is is basedaround the forgotten Rookie King Seekvaira. She hasn't had her peerage introduced at all so she is the best way to introduce a crossover character into the DxD verse. we also lack a notable "area of control" she is basically unknown. She is mostly a OC and one I hope you use well. Harry is to join her Peerage and what you do from their is up to you. I of course have a few things to add beforehand so here they are.


Harry couldn't use magic before getting his Evil piece. The difference between DxD magjc and Potter magic is enough for the world to shut down his abilities and stopping him from using them. The power of the Evil piece and it's focus on the magical well inside of him breaks the seal.

Use other anime characters to fill Seekvaira's ranks she has no in canon servants so the best way to give her them is by culling other series.

Harry's only Ageless due to the Hallows (Head Canon: The Hallows were made by a Necromancer in Harry's home universe, not death Harry took the tools into his body allowing him to use them, other than a few important powers I will list later and the Ageless-ness they aren't special)



No Rehashing Canon with Seekvaira taking Risa's place and Harry in Issei's place. This should be a "Branch" story happened along side or before Canon. How it impacts canon is up to you.

Harry having a Sacred Gear.


Harry learning DxD spells to increase his already massive library. Maybe he learns a branch or two before the Canon timeline.

Seekvaira uses a Evil Piece to change a Fallen Angel. A* is more common of Fallen Angels compared to Raynare or Kokabiel. Perhaps the reason this angel fell was a desire that Devils can fulfill.

Harry's Evil Piece only unlocks a small portion of his magic as it takes a bit of training to build his magical reserves up. Through Rituals, exhausting training and other daily regimens. Thus allow For Harry while knowing how strong he was and having Hella spells at his disposal, but makes it possible to have him grow with the rest of the Peerage

Well Devils have the Demonic swords, Angels have the Holy Swords, what if mankind trapped between the two and not sure what was happening only knowing that monsters existed created their own weapons nearly on par with the two weapons caches.

My ideas on the powers of the Hallows:

-the Wand when absorbed allows Harry to use Wandless Magic (obviously)

-the Stone allows him to become intangible for short periods of time to better communicate with the spirts he can call forward.

-the Cloak allows Harry to form clothing, any clothing or any texture out of the cloak that seemingly "pore out of his body" with a single thought both he and his clothing will become completely invisible.

Wizarding Tamer

Harry Potter was done with the Wizarding World. Harry at age 24 had his name slandered for 7Long years, dragged through the papers as some dark lord ascending. Ginny it seemed was far more interested in playing for Holyhead and "couldn't have her name connected to such bad press". Hermione and Ron had splinter away as well Ron and Fred trying to take W3 to the next level and Hermione working hard as a Inquisitor in the DMLE, neither could be the "best friend" of The Dark Lord Potter. Harry couldn't stand it his entire life was erased due to reports of him walking in to Knocturn alley and him living in the Black families home. For 7 years he had been investigated by, audited by and generally harassed by the Aurors. The very damming evidence that convinced the world of his Darkness was going to lead him away from this world. Ruin schemes upon ruin schemes, blood jewels as directed foci, basing the ritual at a magical cortex. Everything was set and based for one action before they erase themselves from the planet. No one would be able to follow him, his one escape.

What Harry didn't know was the world waiting for him on the other side was so far from what he was used to, it would be a shock to anyone's system. A world broken up and divided by super weapons of a mad man, filled with anthropomorphic women and normal (for that world) people who trained and owned said Anthropomorphic women as their "Tamers". Known as the Pokegirl world stuck in what is known as the Blue League. Learning about the world around him Harry decides to do what he couldn't in his home world and make the most of his life and become a leader that he would have become he would lead from out front and change the world he would become the First multiple league champion and try and unite the fractured world. But then again he will have to do away with forces both public and enshadowed that seek to maintain the status quo and their power.


1)Harry leaves prepared for much, he takes bullion (melted down gallions into ounce sized bricks), all his books (he would have a few overly large Libraries pulled together), at least 3 wizarding tents. He was preparing to walk into another Wizarding War, World War 4 he was prepared, the only thing he wasn't ready for was well Pokegirls.

2) Harry has to spend at least 3 months learning of the basic principles of the Pokegirl world, preferably on a Ranch helping it get set up/rebuilt. You can and should time skip this the most we should see if at all is one chapter showing how his understanding is coming along, maybe major parts like him setting up a Identity, bank account, meeting a a* tamer, parts that would shape his understanding and relationships with the world around him.


1) Someone following Harry through the portal. Harry leaves earth alone. He can take Fawkes or a Phoenix of your creation but no other human can follow him (no the phoenix can't be a person only a powerful travel companion/ plot device)

2) Harry catching a Legendary/Fully Evolved/Super Special Pokegirl before his 6th Badge. Not even him catching their eye. Harry has to become strong so he stands out, not standing out automatically because the plot demands it.

3) Curbstomping battles against major enemies, lets say you have a Evil team, Harry shouldn't bury them like a jobber. If they are meant to be dangerous and intimidating treat them as such, no one shot battles.

4) Harry ending a team in one battle, much like the Pokemon games, no evil team would put all their eggs in one basket but in a assortment of plans. Harry could take them down but only after crashing a few of their plots. Treat them like you would a real antagonist.


1) Harry absorbed the Hallows and they gave him some awesome abilities like.

The Cloak can transform into anytype of clothing for Harry with just a thought and being the cloak, when he needs it he and his Cloak clothing can disappear from view. The Stone can allow him to as a question and if a person who died knew the answer can come to him and answer, even if he doesn't know their name. But Harry must ask the right question The Wand would obviously give him Wandless abilities when combined with his core

2) Maybe Harry gets twin Pokegirl who branch evolve into two very different girls like Twin Wildcats who evolve into a Boobcat and a Warcat. This can create some tension as it would be a shift in dynamics.

3) Harry could run magic around his body to increase his physical abilities (many authors uses this). This world has many a physical/fighting type Pokegirls and Fighting techniques.

A Wizard a Detective and a Writer walk into... (Harry Potter/Castle Crossover)

Richard Castle and Kate Beckett, like many weeks have a new Murder case, this one was a bit odd well odder than Most they get. A man with no Identification of any kind was found on his body, no indication marks either not a stab strangle or shot detected and no heart attack or stroke or any other physical thing could be found. But the real odd thing was the Symbol burned into the Wall beside the dead man a Skull with a Snake slithering out of it's mouth. So when the only hit on the Symbol Is on a CIA database and they send a man who claims to be a expert on the Cult that used that symbol is a 23 year old British kid with numerous Tattoos on his arms and gets around with a lack of visible transportation. The two can't help but look into this man this Harry Potter.

Harry Potter and Castle Crossover idea that is simple and can be use to branch further out and doesn't require to much suspension of belief


1) The NYPD and Beckett's team have little to no leads, they have a name that may be fake, a stick in the man's hand, no marks that are blatant death marks and a symbol that gets a hit on the CIA database. Harry as the leading consultant on the Cult (Can't just call Death Eaters DE's because Muggles don't know what that means)

2) Harry gives little in depth information on the DE's but does help the investigation along and may even help them solve the case (Harry can't solve it by himself)


1) Harry isn't a Super Cop/Auror, he is in New York to give information and help catch the Wizard/witch who killed the victim and find out why the Dark Mark was burned into the wall he isn't got to drop crime by 20% or solve the case the moment he sees the Whiteboard

2) Harry can't the the culprit nor was it done to lure him.


1) Harry has a number of tattoos covering his many scars on his arms and body making Castle and Beckett to not be fans of Harry, Until he helps solve the case

2) Harry Stays in New York as "consultant" after the case allowing for OC magical Cases and Canon Castle cases to be tackled

3) Harry Potter/Alexis Castle pairing if he stays in New York (I love Molly Quinn)

D&D in the RoR is BaD (Dungeons and Dragons/Harry Potter)

It was agreeing to return for 8th year that really was a dumb idea. The Golden Trio came back and began leading the school, introducing them to numerous Muggle inventions and items to close the gap between the two worlds, one of the things they brought over were the needed handbooks for D&D, after a few months at Hogwarts and playing a few sessions with a few friends, Luna as the Dungeon Master organizes a special game for 7 of the most interested players in the recently cleared Room of Requirement. When the seven arrive Luna forces them to make new characters and start a new adventure, but that's when the room imposes its powers, by putting the players into the game, how will the Heroes survive the battles made by Luna, will they get control of there new abilities in the time allotted and will they want to return when done to keep being the heroes they roll dices to pretend to be.

This is a idea to cross Harry Potter over with D&D, with action happening in Hogwarts and in the D&D world, think Cyberchase or a Tabletop version of the Guild, but when playing you are forced to take the place of your avatar/character.


- There must be a few games that have taken place off screen so everyone knows how to play the game, you can use any D&D edition you want but it must be D&D.

- people must play Marshall Classes, that means Melee attacks, just because they're all Witches and Wizards away from the game table doesn't mean they all have to play magic classes


-Draco can't be one of the players, in 6 months you can't go from Government overthrowing Terrorist to nice but misunderstood guy and expect the three people who you tried to capture to be killed to suddenly become your friends. We hate Pansy for trying to sell Harry out, Draco did the same only did it personally

-No Potter Magic in the game, all Magic must comes from D&D not Potter Short cuts.

-No die in the game you die for real, this is meant to be slightly light, fun adventure where our heroes are put into a situation where they aren't comfortable. The Avatars/Character's may die but our Heroes will essentially be booted from the game, and be forced to reroll/generate a brand new character to get back in and help their allies.


-Harry wants to play a martial class, wielding weapons and stabbing/slashing/bludgeon his enemies, so when sucked into the game Harry must truly learn how to use said weapon.

-At least one person (Ron or another Ravenclaw invitee) must play a Min-maxed character, which means they are as optimize as possible everything from, the Race and Class combination down to what they have in their packs to be the Strongest they can be.

-One person playing a off color character like Half-Orc Wizard or a Elf Barbarian, who enjoys playing oddities rather than trying to have the Strongest character all the time.

-Luna being in charge and setting up the Campaigns, means that seeing the occasional Quibbler Creatures aren't out of question.

-in spite of the oddity of Magical Virtual Reality aspect of Luna's RoR Campaigns, the players continually come back each week to play the next Chapter Luna set up, allowing for many stories to be told or one long arc with each session another step to the end.

-Someone (Hermione, Ginny, Ron or a Ravenclaw) replacing Luna as DM for a One Shot Adventure, a self contained session with no sequels (so the DM could Kill the entire party without ruining the long developed story)

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