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If you've got any suggestions for any story i write, or wish for me to attempt to write, throw it in the comments and i'll have a look.

If i ever use the name 'Zack Jackson' in another story and don't explicitly say it's the same character, it's just me recycling the name. I'm horrific at coming up with names for OC's.

One of my pet peeves in fanfiction is 'Hermione "Jane" Granger'. It's Jean.


Black card. Explosion effect. 1 point for a hit No cooldown. Siege-Card. Explosion effect. 10 points on base assault. 1 point for each player hit. Four required for base destruction. Very large card. Red card. Stun effect. 10 points. Send user back to base, incapacitated for 1 minute. 10 second cooldown. Short range. Blue card. Intercepts other cards in flight. 1 point. No cooldown. Cannot intercept siege-cards. Green card. Shield effect. Can withstand three of any card, not including siege-cards. 1 point if three spells are blocked. 5 second cooldown. Pink card. Placeable shield. 6 feet long by 3 feet high. Can be detonated midair by blue cards. Lasts 1 minute. 5 minute cooldown starting after the shield falls. Orange Card. Trap card. 4 feet activation ring. 7 feet enemy visibility ring. 2 minute cooldown. 2 points per player captured. Disables trapped players ability to use blue cards. Can be disabled by outside blue cards.
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