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Copycxt that's my name!

"Hands in the air if you actually read bios!"

There is nothing at all to say about me, I'm great that's all you need to know.


Spitfire— one cannot even begin to explain how much love I have for this ship. Spitfire is the most beautiful thing ever created and if anyone doubts me I am afraid you will have to leave me alone. All of my stories will have spitfire. All of them.

Chalant— lets pretend for a moment that Mr. Richard Grayson isn't a mega-playboy and doesn't have millions of girls lining up just to catch his attention, let's pretend he has eyes only for Miss. Zatanna Zatara, wouldn't it be a better world?

Supermartian— Don't even like this ship but I mentioned them because, you know, why not?

AqualadS— Gartha and Kaldur are perfect for each other they just can't see it because they are both madly in love with Tula!

Dramione— There are so many good things about this ship it isn't funny.

Bruce Wayne/Talia Al Ghul— perfection in a comic book...

Elena/Damon— The good girl, bad boy vibes I'm getting are making me all teary inside. Stephen doesn't even compare to Damon, holy crap, Elena and Damon are made for each other.

The truth:

Wally West

He is a superhero therefore he cannot die no matter what the definition of mortality is. My theory is that he ran really, really, really, really fast so nobody could see him and then BOOM he time travels and life is hard for him until he just runs back to Artemis and they can go make red headed, Vietnamese, super speed, stubborn babies.

Fred Weasly

Rangas live forever in my book that's why neither Fred nor Wally are dead! Jesus, get your facts right people. Red heads are immortal, that's that.

Superman VS. Batman

As I have explained to my family many times, Superman just has no chance in this battle, you can argue all you want but in the end it just comes down to who is dressed as a bat. . . Batman can't be beaten considering he has no flaws whereas Superman is allergic to a rock. Thank you.

The fastest Flash

Wally West. No denying that.

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