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Loves playing games, problem solving, reading, and having some fun!

MK all the way!

If you have ever played a video game and everyone on your team was beaten by people with names referencing gods/goddesses, copy and paste this into your profile.

When a task needs to be completed but you always find an excuse not to finish it copy and paste this into your profile.

Favorite TF2 class? ALL OF THEM!

Most time put into a class? Been a while since I last played.

Favorite/best SFMs that I have viewed: Story of a Sentry, Badwater Bebop, Bad Medicine, September First, Once Upon a Time in Teufort, The Interruption, Team Experience, End of the Line, Meet the Medic, Meet the Pyro, Meet the Engineer, Meet the Scout, Meet the Heavy, Meet the Spy, Meet the Sniper, Meet the Soldier, Meet the Demoman, Chinatown Getaway, The Intelligence Heist, Revenge, Tribute, Special Delivery, Run Scout Run, Ghosts of the Past, Behind the Mask, The Wishmaker, Ride of the Ballonicorn and many more!

Favorite quotes from different sources

"Get to the chopper!" Arnold

Favorite quotes from different characters: Not really as much a fan of PJO now given the cancerous and carbon copy stories I have been seeing recently.

"Well off to visit your mother." TF2 Spy

"Its time to split!" Sargent Cortez from Timespliters Future Perfect


"MEEM!" TF2 cardboard Medic

"Hopefully it will have been worth the wait." Gabe Newell from Valve Software

"Mentalgen." TF2 Meme Spy

Even Though I hate Twilight along with everyone else who has at least two brain cells at least Stephine Myers got the hint to stop writing and shut the fuck up about things that don't concern her. Can't say the same for J.K "I needed to use a man's name since I was afraid that the world is perpetually stuck in the 1950's" Rowling.

Removed that quote because Hairy "I have no character development because I'm a shitty Gary Stu written by a former welfare user turned successful author somehow" Porker is cancer incarnate

Starting to make original content for this profile the same cannot be said for my stories ayy lamo!

Something my dank doge of a friend LegacyGamer made for me bask in its MLGness M80s!

You have been visited by the MLG lenny Phase. Dank weed and euphoria will come to you but only if you 420 noscope this message to 15 other FaZe Clan members If you forget to 420 noscope (must be really dank) this message to 15 other FaZe Clan members then you will get continued to get hardscoped by campers for the rest of your eternity.

Cylicall423d, 20h2

( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

Removed that copy paste stuff like the bullying thing since it's so overused along with personal reasons.

Quotes from some of my favorite games (List will be updated whenever I feel like it)

Metal Gear Rising Revengence: "I'm FUCKING INVINCIBLE!" Sundowner - 2013

"Just like the good ol days after 9/11!" Sundowner - 2013

"Like I said Jack kids are cruel and I'm very in touch with my inner child." Sundowner - 2013

"Free will is a myth, religion is a joke, the essence of the universe is memes." Monsoon - 2013

"Your memes end here." Raiden AKA Jack The Ripper - 2013

Comebacks for boys against girls (Because I'm tired of the anti-male bullshit that I continue to have shoveled down my throat on this website)

Woman: Chivalry is dead

Man: Because your whining and complaining killed it.

Woman: You know I'm stronger and smarter than you? That is why I outlive you.

Man: The only reason you live longer is because when men marry women that scream like you they just want to die sooner.

Woman: I'm strong and independent but I feel that I have a right to hit you and expect you not to retaliate.

Man: Equality is not just an open hand to lead you to the table of opportunities it's also a closed fist to knock you out should you screw up. Welcome to 2017 Bitch!

Woman: I need Feminism because I feel harassed whenever someone gives me a compliment.

Man: And I need a Smith & Wesson because statistically I have a higher chance of being assaulted or murdered than you do based on my sex.

Woman: Where did all the good men go?

Man: Away from you

Woman: Behind every great man there is a greater woman.

Man: Exactly! Out of site and out of mind and hopefully already making me a sandwich.

Woman: How about we talk about getting married?

Man: How about I drive off with you in my review mirror?

Woman: It's either the dog or me!

Man: Easiest choice I have ever made.

Woman: You know love is blind?

Man: And marriage is an institution that means marriage is an institution for the blind.

Woman: Why don't you ever talk with me about what's really bothering you?

Man: Because I know you will end up using it against me in an argument at some point and because I know that the majority of people do not care for men's suffering.

Woman: Why can't you be a better father?

Man: Why can't you accept the fact that the DNA test says its not mine?

Woman: I can read you like an open book.

Man: Did you read the opening chapter titled Gold Diggers not wanted?

That's all I have for now more will come. Please keep in mind that this is more of a joke so try not to take it like a dick. On the other hand if you do get offended make sure to write me a long winded rant that I can laugh at and potentially respond to.

In regards to my stories I've been away for a bit well maybe not away. I am still active on here I still review and of course I still read stories. I have just been doing some soul searching for the past few years reading and realizing how awful many of my stories are and thus have been trying to teach myself to write better and I have to say my writing is leaps and bounds above what it used to be. So expect me to start writing again at some point though my grammar may not be the best.

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