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Not brave enough to write but, love to read. Predominately read Harry Potter Ff. Ship wise primary Dramione. But also love canon Romione. After Harry himself Hermoine Granger is my favourite character. So really I ship Hermoine Granger. Can't help it.

A few HP Recommendations. (in progress of writing my favs) Quite a few more in my favorites


Series by @Marauderlover7

rated: M

•Innocent (Book 1) complete

•Initiate (Book 2) complete

•Identity (Book 3) complete

•Impose (Book 4) complete

•Intensity (Book 5) WIP

Its a superb "What if" scenario: with Sirius Black escaping Azkaban earlier. Each "book" gets better and better. Intensity, while still in-progress, is definitely my favorite thus far. Innocent starts with a young Harry at age 8.

The Right Thing to do Series/Universe by @lovesbitca8

rated: M

•The Right Thing to do (Hermione's POV) complete

•All the Wrong Things (Draco's POV) In-progress

An EWE with such an engaging sexy narrative! The characters have strong individual voices that feel canon enough, that you may forget its not. Ultimate Dramoine here. Thats just TRTTD. in ATWTs, a retelling from Dracos perspective, even though we know what will happen its almost like- well you just have to read it. Even sexier and naughtier than TRTTD.

--HP Indvidual works/One-shots--

Taming Granger by @JaycieVictory

Rated: T 6th AU


This by far the most canonization versions (imho) of Draco Hermoine in Hogwarts setting. A real Slytherin Draco. I reread this one often. Its sweet, funny, a must read. its Prequel One-Shot Hermoine's Hair is also a must.

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