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So, I know I haven't been the most active FF writer lately. Oops. But you know what? I've been rereading some of my stories and I think I'm probably going to do some updating before the summer is out. Look out for that. I'm sorry about the current hiatus.

UPDATE 6/8/08: YAY! A new chapter of DOOF is up and the preview for the next chapter is up on this profile! I have at least a page written for each of my other stories (that inclues DOOF 6) so there should be an update fairly soon. Like within a month. I'll try for sooner, though. More than likely, it will end up being SRE, because that puppy is already 11 pages long! Thanks, Marisa, for the help on that! I haven't forgotten that YNK hasn't been updated the longest, so I'll try for that too. Toodles!

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Sesshomaru is Mine/Abbey

I have an account on now! Some of it is crappy stuff I did on paint like four years ago and some of it is my newer work from high school. Here's the link-



Sesshomaru's Red Eyes: This story is my pride and joy! It is of my favorite pairing, Sesshomaru/Sango, and my first fanfic ever written. That's code for it sucks in the beginning, but gets better as you go 's gonna be a long one too. I believe it's is going to be exactly 52 chapters. I'm not even going to get into a summary; it'll take too long, gomen-nasai.

All's Fair in Love and...Music: This is my AU fic. Also Ses/San. It's also a bit of a songfic too. Sango plays bass for InuYasha's band, and Sesshomaru's band needs a bass player...badly. What will Sesshomaru do in order to get her to play for him? What happens when he actually begins to develop feelings for her?

You Never Know: This is my first shot at angst. Following the deaths of everyone she held dear, Sango goes to the slayers' village. Rin wanders away, and meets Sango. When the two become friends, and Sesshomaru is forced to associate with the taijiya, he is reminded of his own painful past. Can the two work through their inner pain? Perhaps together?

Dreams Of Our Fathers: Woo! It's up!LadyRedEyes (Formerly Fluffy'sBabe) and I are writing this together.The InuYasha group are a part of a gang or mob from Chicago in the 1940's. The story begins with the death of their father, Inutaisho, a mob legend, and progresses from there. The gang has to deal with the likes of Naraku, who's trying to ruin all their lives, one at a time. The pairings are Ses/San and Kag/Inu, but they change periodically.

Possible Future Stories:

Sesshomaru's Red Eyes Reincarnated (or SRE Reincarnated): It will be an AU, where all the SRE characters are reincarnated 800 years into the future. I can't really give anything else away, but there is a rather long preview of the first chapter up on a story called SRE, AFLM, YNK, and DOOF Stuff. My best friend, Marisa and I have been planning this one for a long time.

All's Fair In Love and...Success?: You guessed it, a sequel to All's Fair In Love and...Music? I'm considering doing this, but I'll need to get a couple of requests for it first. It'll take place after Sesshomaru's senior year of high school, where he's going to college. How will that affect relationships? And what about Fractured Soul's chance at a record deal?

I decided to write a short overview spoiler for the next chapter of each of my running fics on my profile, so here they are...

SRE: In chapter 34, Kagome and Sango begin to heal from their physical wounds. InuYasha and Kagome argue. Sango and Sesshomaru also have a rather heated discussion, which isn't helped by the appearance of Miroku. What will Naraku do to Mina? Why does he want to bring out her dark, red-eyed side? Now that Battousi knows the damage he caused, what will he do to "fix" it? One thing's for sure, it's going to cost him! Next time, on SRE, chapter 34: Sacrifice! TTFN!

AFLM: In Chapter 9, the results of the singing contest are in! Then, it's time to PARTY!! The strangest things happen when you are having fun, don't they, Sango? We'll just see what happens, won't we? AFLM, chapter 9: Ballad of a Thin Man! TTFN! (sorry for the sucky preview, lol)

YNK: In Chapter 7, Sango is still so ashamed and embarassed, that she hasn't spoken a word to Sesshomaru in a week. Other than that, life with Sesshomaru, Rin, Jaken, and Ah-Un is fairly uneventful. That is, until a visitor comes to see Sesshomaru in the night. That's sneaky, Sango! Talk about snoopy! Next time, in YNK, chapter 7: The Medicine Taster! TTFN!

DOOF: In chapter 6, InuYasha takes Kagome out on a date that any true Chicago girl (and White Sox fan:-) would really appreciate! Mina and Kagura have a battle of the newspaper reporters. Sesshomaru bonds with a very unexpected girl about his "daddy" woes. Battousi finds his mother's personal diary, and comes to a disturbing conclusion. Next time in DOOF, chapter 6: "Fireworks at Comiskey!" TTFN!

SRE, AFLM, YNK, and DOOF Stuff: Previews for the sequel to SRE are up on chapters 2 &3! More of that to come in the next chapter!

And...I'm gonna go write some more...(Sweatdrops)

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