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Jesus christ. It's formerly angel-gaybriel, formerly Veronica-reads, back here as veronicacece. I decided to rewrite my profile, so here it goes. Again. Again. And again, because here I am, in 2019. AND AGAIN, now that I'm in 2020. I noticed that some people have been favoriting and following Self Defense recently, so I've decided to update you all if anyone cares!

Just know that I'm going by Veronica again, for any readers that may see differently in Self Defense in my author's notes. I'm way too fucking lazy to go back and change all of my authors notes again, so if you come here from the fic in confusion, know that.

I used to have a ship list here, but I realized theyre fuckin gross most of them lol. real life character development

My Story Statuses: I've literally deleted everything other than my one shots, because everything else is literally horrible writing. I'll probably edit those to make them slightly better, but yeah, I purged my account of my old stories. (Musically Magical, if anyone remembers that fossil, is now unfindable. I have taken it down). Remember the story I had the idea for? Self-Defense is that story. Enjoy it.

2019 Update: I haven't written fanfiction in a long time--well, that's a lie, I haven't finished writing any in a very long time. It is VERY unlikely that Self Defense will receive any more updates, and if it does, well, congratulations. I've started university this year, and most of the time, I just don't have the time. I haven't been very into Harry Potter for a while, but as of late, I find myself going back to it since I've been bored on break (JK Rowling continues to disappoint, but we all should have seen it coming to be honest. It's all there in the stories). Thank you to anyone still favoriting or following Self Defense, honestly, I didn't expect that at all! Maybe someday it will be finished. I don't want to promise anything, but I have had the ending written for the longest time and all I need to do is just connect the dots, but any fellow writers know how hard that is. Thank you all for sticking with me, though.

I am no longer offering Beta services.

My Stories:

Muggle Markers: What happens when Professor Snape finds a package of Expo Markers? This is one of those fanfictions that are complete, utter jokes. Complete.
*This was written as a joke for me and my friend Claudia. We made up the plot in English class once, and decided it was hilarious. This isn't meant to be taken seriously!

No, you! : Just a fluff ball one shot featuring *drum roll* Clary and Jace! What's this argument about now? Rated K 'cause it's so fluffy!* *I don't own those words...Universal does...NOW HAS ALTERNATE ENDING! Complete.
*Please don't read this one. Oh my god. It was one of the first fanfictions I've ever written. I wrote this in seventh grade. Spare yourself and don't read this.

Self-Defense: The Marauders have graduated. The war is about to be waged. It's the beginning of the end, it seems. James Potter finds himself falling for the one person he isn't supposed to. He believes his feelings won't be reciprocated...or will they? Severus Snape/James Potter Slash!Pairing. Rated M just in case/possibly future chapters. Last Updated: December 28, 2017. In Progress. Probably going to be terminally unfinished.
*This is my first serious fanfiction, (on here anyway) so enjoy it!

Vanilla Perfume: Hermione is tangled up into a blind date, and it isn't with who she hopes. One shot. Complete.
*This is a brand new, shiny new version of my previous "Vanilla Perfume". This one seemed better, anyway.

Have a nice day!

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