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Hey there to anyone who comes by my profile. Pleased to meet you!

A little bit about me:

Name: you can call me Nattie :) Gender: Female; Age: 29; Country: Australia

If you're interested my dA account is horseg27 http:///

I'm a huge transformers fan and have watched whatever I've been able to get my optics on. My very favourite is Tranformers Prime (and Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime *loves*) And Transformers Rescue Bots is a very close second.

I'm also a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan. I adore Pinkepie's ability to make me laugh.

Miraculous Ladybug is also my latest obsession! So much love for that show. I binged watched half a season in one day. The second season had been so good.

The Voice Within Series

Violet's alt-mode

Pic set in first chapter of Battle of the Mind: http:///d7vnm0f

Hubcap: Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3

(links currently broken :( but they can be found on my dA in the Transformers file in my gallery)

The Voice Within is the first book in the series detailing how Violetwind arrived on Earth and how she came to be who she is.

Battle of the Mind explores the rest of Prime season 3 and Violetwind dealing with her new life.

Until That Day... It steps away after the Predacon Rising movie to explore the newly founded society on Cybertron and the troubles they have to confront. While it is a full book on its own, UTD has a closely related sequel entitled ...Till All are One.

...Till All are One Here we get to explore a bit more of the new Cybertron and the troubles that come with sticking Autobots and Decepticons in the same place, where the lines between who's good and bad become blurred...

Slivers of Hope in the Fragile Old enemies return, both on Earth and on Cybertron. On Earth, Ratchet goes missing while on Cybertron Predacons are causing trouble. But is everything is as it seems or is there more to this than meets the eye.

Shards of Fate A shattered glass fic. Violetwind and the kids take a trip to the mirrorverse. They meet friends turned enemies and enemies turned friends. Trapped with no way home, how are they going to survive this? Will they every see their friends and family again?

Possibly more stories to The Voice Within Series????

maybe... we shall see...

For anyone who's interested, I am thinking of possibly writing a version of Robots in Disguise, in the Voice Within world. However, it will most likely contain some changes because of where my stories have gone, in order to make everything fit. If you would like to encourage me to make a decision on this, vote in the poll above that you like RID15 and I might actually start jotting down notes from the ideas in my head. Just know that it won't be out for a long while. :)

I'm currently working on a bit of a crossover between Transformers and Miraculous Ladybug, where Violetwind gets to visit the Miraculous Ladybug universe.

1) Who is your favourite Autobot?

Optimus Prime, I just... He's amazing, I love him.

2) Who is your favourite Decepticon?

Starscream. I can't say for sure why, but I think it's because sometimes he's just so stupid and it's funny.

3) Autobots or Decepticons?

There is no competition. Autobots all the way.

4) Favourite quote?

Hmm, that's a hard one. There are so many good ones... Most things Optimus says. Knock Out and Starscream have some funny ones too. Blades from Rescue Bots is also hilarious.

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