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Hey, I'm AquamarinePisces or A.P. for short(no I do not actually have A.P. classes. It's just AquamarinePisces is a bit of a mouthful) First off, welcome to my profile and thank you so much for clicking that little button on top and actually spending some time reading this. If you got this far, good and here's some (probably useless) info about me.

Gender: If I told you, would you care?

Hobbies: Writing(duh), reading, watching movies, and some other stuff you don't want know

Race: Why does it matter? We're all equals.

Age: Do you really want to know?

Favorite cartoons: Riders and Defenders of Berk, etc.

Favorite movies: Dreamworks movies, Disney movies, etc.

Where I live: If I told you, you'd probably find me and I'll have stalkers. All you should know is that I live in the U.S.A.(because that's what the little flag on top means)

My interests: Mythology(especially Greek myths), astrology(hence my username), mythical beings and stories(Like dragons). Basically, fantasy stuff.

Be true to you are; if someone thinks you're weird, tell them "So, what was your first guess?" Different and uniqueness is awesome. If you don't embrace it, you're just going to spend the rest of your life sad, being someone you're not.

I actually focus most on my OC, Isabella(Sorry haters. That's the way it is.) So almost all my stories will involve her like one shots and other stuff.

I love fanfics where there's either a dragon/human transformation or hybrids, so many of my stories might include them. Like maybe Human!Toothless or Hybrid!Toothless and OCs like it.

I have an account on Deviantart and FictionPress, and will soon have one on WattPad if I get around to doing so. No, I do not draw or any of that stuff. I created my Deviantart account simply for enjoying others' contributions and showing my gratitude to the wondrous artists and people on the magical website and the FictionPress one because it could be the same as my FanFiction account, but hopefully, if I start any original stories of my own, I'll start posting them on either site. For now, I'll stick to writing FanFiction as I try to broaden my vocabulary and creativeness.

My Devianart Account
My FictionPress Account My Tumblr Account(Can you change the username or not?) My Archive of Our Own Account

Thank you so much for spending 5 minutes (less or more) looking at all my personal crap! Hope you enjoy my fanfics(please review, follow, or favorite. They always make my day :) and PM me if you feel like talking about stuff, want to do a collab, or just for some random reason. A.P. Out!

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