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Name: Troy _

Favorite anime: One Piece, Naruto, and Kenichi: History's Mightiest Disciple

Favorite TV shows: Ben Ten Omniverse, Yu-Gi-Oh.

Liltigraider's top questions that should be answered:(in no particular order)

#1: What would happen if Alien X went ultimate?

#2: Why is slash so popular with obviously straight characters being used? (ex. BenxKevin or *shudder* NaruSasu)

#3: Why doesn't Ben make more aliens go ultimate?

#4: Why is Harry such a sniveling brat in the books, half the time he's a badass, and the other times he a brat.

#4 1/2(a joke): What the hell crawled up Neji's ass and died?

Story Ideas(feel free to use. Just PM me for permission first)

Hogwarts school of Warcraft & Wizardry:

Back in the time of Godric Griffindor, witches and wizards saw the advantage of being more warlike, and thus magic took a more battle minded turn.


Spells such as Lumos and Reparo still exist but are thought of in a more battle like view. (ie. Lumos as a blinding flash, or Reparo for shields and swords)

Witches & and wizards are more physically fit, though there are exceptions, but they still are sheep as a general rule. (Voldemort still exists, Harry's popularity swings like a pendulum, etc.)


A. It must be Harry centric.

B. Please no up in your face slash.

C. Harry has the same personality but his hero/battle half is more prominent.


A. Make Ron less of a jack* and Hermione less of a bookworm they still can have these traits but in a more aggressive wizarding world these traits would get them eaten alive.

B. Have more battle classes. (ex. Fighting classes, Swordsmanship, etc.)

C. Have classes of wizards. (Healers, Battle-Wizards, Tacticians, Spies, etc.

D. Have special classes, after 5th year, as NEWT classes like dual-wielding(two wands, two swords, wand and a sword, etc.) or Poison-making.

For the rules of Naruto fanfiction visit Kenchi618.

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