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Greetings all,


Update RE: Halloween releases 2020

Hi All,

For some strange reason, FF keeps removing chapter 34 of Adas Reborn and Chapter 7 of Shards. I will keep trying to repost them, so you may spot them popping up again, theres no new information, however, I did notice an error on Adas where some symbols were missed referencing a different language.

I've contacted FF to have someone look into this, hopefully they will have a fix shortly.

I don't publish on AO3, however, I may start copying chapters across there for people to read them. If I do, Im likely to just copy and paste across, so don't expect rewrites of chapters or neatening at this time. I may look into that once the story is finished, but no promises.


I'm still alive! Life has been incredibly sucky, but I'm in sight of the end of the tunnel on that front, hopefully I won't get derailed again.

For all those who don't fancy reading through all the chapters when its next updated, I've put together a forum which holds a short chapter summary for each of the chapters so far, I'll be updating it when I release a new chapter.

The link is as follows: My Forums

One shots will remain as their own stories.

I've been reading fanfiction for a few years now and thought I might start writing my own. Its a lot harder than it looks.

I never knew the rush you can get from writing something and people enjoying it, thank you very much for doing so.

I appreciate all constructive reviews and comments, but flames will be ignored unless theres something of value within them.

I'm a dedicated Harmonian for Harry potter and pretty much ignore the weird relationships and shift in personalities in the last 2 books. but thats what fanfiction is for, to explore those ideas. I do read other relationships and have found a few to be incredibly well written, but most are not to my tastes.

I'm a gamer and a long term GM. Sometimes the ideas you have are brilliant, othertimes they aren't. Most of the time they never survive first contact with the players, but sometimes it makes a better story that way.

I have no release schedule, I will release when I am ready to do so, please take that into account.

I'm not sure what else to write other than thank you for looking and I hope you enjoy.

Current works in progress:

Adas Reborn - Harry Potter / Star Wars Crossover

Thriceborn King - Harry Potter / Lord of the Rings Crossover (A better name than previously)

Prince of the Black Sun - Harry Potter

Holiday from Hell - Harry Potter/Resident Evil 2 - A one shot that I'm slowly working on. Once I get time to play the game, it will likely speed up.

A bunch of my ideas are being put into a single collection, I may come back to them if I have more ideas to use in them at a later point.

I also don't own anything bar my own OC's and ideas. Settings and other Characters all belong to the original owners. I don't make any profit on any of this work. Please support the official release.

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