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It has been years sense I have felt like I needed to update this profile, and it has surprise me that I have gotten people to put me in as a favorite especially sense I haven't written any stories or posted any of them here. I have done poetry but never shared those here cause to me they have nothing to do with this site to begin with. Those that have favorite me from what I can tell aren't really authors here or if they are they were never ones that have sent me PM's through my reviews from what I can recall.

So to those that have favorited me I thank you even though I have no clue as to why you did. To those that are out there and take the time to actually read this profile, no I do not expect you to add me to your favorites, Do not feel as though that you have to. To Most of you authors out there I am sorry if you get offended with some of the things that I might leave in a review. 1) I will always give an honest opinion to you in my review. 2) I do not like to nor do I tend to sugar coat that opinion I am 9 out of 10 times going to be blunt, plain and simple. 3) Most of the time I don't leave a review because a lot of times I feel as though there is nothing for me to add.

To all those that have hated against me for the many reviews that you do not agree with. First things First a review is someone's opinion if you do not like it do not reply to it. It is meant for the reviewer and the author. Second if you do reply to a review that I leave have the decency not to swear at me I keep the decency not to swear back or even at the authors unless it is due to the auto corrector on any device that I may be using. Third and the most important one just because I don't have any stories linked to my screen name does not mean I haven't tried writing before!

I am more of a role player and not a writer, nor am I the one that is put in charge of running one, I prefer to play Shadowrun but I have done others in a lot of different forms and even on many internet forums. I have edited for people as well and even beta a few times. Again just not on this screen name. I am not looking to do it again and having to point this out because of the few, that think that they themselves know everything or are better then me having to flame me just for my opinion left in one of my reviews. As I pointed out in number two, these were the ones that had to swear at me for doing what everyone does, when they leave a review, they are also the ones that caused, number three to be up just because I do not have any story up here and under my name does not mean that I haven't tried writing before.

Things that I hate when it comes to any story is bad grammar and what I mean is the use of the wrong words like expect is used when the author means to be using the word accept. Why go to any of the schools in the world if your not going to learn how to use the word correctly? I have had stories where the author hits the enter button after each sentence to try to make the story look longer then what it is. Another is Look at that this is my longest chapter yet over 5k words, and such. While that maybe a huge acheivement for them it is misleading because the word count starts at the First a and ends at the last thing that is typed and doesn't count from where the actual story starts and stops at. I hate when the summary of a story starts out with the questions the most common being What if? I am so tired of it I have often open the story scroll to the bottom and in the review reply WHAT IF YOU HAD A BRAIN? Seriously asking the what if might be good to start the chapter if it was done in the right way but not as an acutal summary. A summary is on the back of the cover of a book giving you an idea to what the story is going be like a mini book report. So I would like it if all of you out there would stop using it as the place to ask that question. I also dislike when an author note takes the form of a whole chapter and is left there making seems like it is a part of the actual story. And there are more things but those are the most obivious ones.

Another thing that I dislike and this is more due to the people that run this site so Authors this is not directed at you but does affect you in some ways. There are times that I have been given notice that an author has made an update to a story that is in my favorite list. But the moment that I go and click on the link I am taken to the verison that hasn't had the update added. Which means that I have to sit here and await a half hour to a full hour before I can see the actual update. Which is something that really annoys me. Because it happens a lot.

I look for good story telling and Original plots in stories. I seem to spend the most time reading Naruto Fanfictions but they are not the only ones that I read if you look at my favorites, and there are a lot of things there that I hate. Even when I filter the stuff out to avoid it I still fine to many pairings of Naruto and some one with the bloody Shiragan Rather if it is Sasuke, his older brother Itachi, or even Kakaishi. Enough with these pairings please they been over done and are no longer original. Same with giving Naruto that bloodline limit either through the fox or was being born with it some how. Others giving him a bloodlimit as original as this can be it has been done enough times even if the blood limit is original it has been done so much that it is not as original as many may think.

I also dislike it when I find stories that are cross overs and they are never put in as a cross over when in the summary if not the title itself tells the readers that it is a bloody cross over. Also will you please, Please, PLEASE!!! Stop with all the Naruto in high school stories these have been done enough times as well where it is no longer original as well. All I ask for is some common sense. These maybe your stories but if you don't respect your readers opinion especially if they say things as nice as possible and with out swearing at you then at least take a little of what they are saying to heart.

I don't have that many authors that I put into the favorites that is because I first need to truly enjoy the story that I am reading. Then I normally prefer it to enjoy more then just one story that is written. Another is hearing from said author that takes the time to chat with me about any thoughts or suggestions that are left. That is normally the way I choose to add authors to that list. Sadly I just added a author be caused he passed on and is no longer able to write. I say sadly because he died but I honestly added him as well because the one story he was writing was something that I did enjoy.

Other then Naruto I have been reading Harry Potter, Ranma 1/2, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, X-Men Evolution, I have read some others but not everything deserves to be mentioned or even be added to my favorites. My favorites do grow just not as fast as some others out there. I have no problem with helping if an author wants an own character but I will need an idea on what the author is looking for even a sample character sheet so I might be able to be helpful to that author.

One of the things I like but there are so few of is Gender bending, or in Ranma's case locking the curse. There have been some good ones out there but I do wish they would go a little more into describing things better on the hows and the why's as well as the clothing, now I know that this site can't or doesn't seem to allow pictures in there stories so describing the clothing a little bit more helps to picture the characters in my head at least, while I am reading the story. Also just because a character is gender bent it doesn't mean I want to see that character in a romantic relationship of there original gender, sure there are some that know how to do this slowly to get the reader to enjoy the story but there are just some who are totally lazy and do nothing to even build up to the romance. One example and is no author on this site is JK Rowling with Harry and Ginny. Now I am not saying that something couldn't be worked out due to similar things happening to them but that is the only thing that I can say that they truly have no where through out the books unless it was in her crumple pages before being published was there any romantic build up, just like there was none between Ron and Hermione, there was more of a romantic build up between Harry and Hermione at least that is what I picked up through the books. There is nothing wrong with Yaoi but it is not something I like to read or watch. I prefer Yuri but that is me and I am nor asking or even trying to demand people to delete what I hate. I am not that stupid.

As of the 8th of August 2014 I have been blocked by an author because he disagrees with my opinion and the way I explain things. That's fine I have no problem that this Author did this. My problem is that this person seems to think they know me just by my reviews and my replies to there PM's. If you dislike my opinion do not choose to reply to me about it in 3 PM's and expect me to cow tow to your view point. I did not go demanding to fix grammar issues and I did not call them names except for being lazy. I am sorry but when you almost carbon copy from a universe that people are so aware of or almost know by heart or just finished watching what is out there for the zillionth time. I will call that being lazy no matter what. Because it is, and so many have done the same thing the biggest place I have notice this happening is in the Naruto universe then I do see it in the Harry Potter universe as well but surprisingly not as much as in the Naruto Universe. If you don't like being called lazy, try and I do mean try, to do an all ORIGINAL works Plain and Simple. If you use anything from the Cannon then use it more as a guide, and Not what was already released and so well known.

Earlier today after a review on another story I get contacted about a fight between authors. I left a review stating that I felt that if your calling someone out you do it on the profile page and not in a story because it takes away from the story. And that is where I wanted to leave it. Then I get a PM from the one fighting with the person that did the call out of the story. I went back and looked at my review and at no point did I ask what the fight was about. I find out it is about a story cross over claiming the other cut and pasted the story. I recall the story before the one who contacted me was littered in very poor grammar and it is the person that contacted me that claims the one that had the poor grammar was the version that is from the author that is stealing from them. I am sorry but I disagree with this fact. But my point is unless I contact you to find out what is truly going on, Please leave me out of it. Cause you are making me think you hacked or hired some one to hack the other person's account when you do it on your own.

Well I have apparently made an enemy out of Serious Sam for my review to one of his stories while I have no problem that he is not happy with my review he chose to take it as a personal attack. Well I am sorry but I found his most reccent update before the 11th of August of the year 2015 to be crap and not up to his standard. I also said it made me sick, this was no lie as I was laying in bed trying to read through the chapter all of a sudden I start to feel as if I was going to throw up. I have also pointed many times with other authors that I am sick of the same stero type that Guys are always treated as stupid idiots. I never had to worry about this before hand in his story but yea he went there and made Naruto stupider then when he was an academy student in that chapter and I do feel he needs to rewrite it cause of all of that.

Again to those who assume you know me from any reply that you may have read that I left. If your going to PM me just so you can block me do yourself a favor and just ignore me. I find it very annoying to get a PM with just a title and it telling me that I am blocked. For those that don't know I got PM roughly three hours ago before I updated here from a tuatara with a subject title from the PM, God your just awful. If that is all your going to let me read before blocking me go back under the rock you crawled out from under sense you haven't updated any story you written in three years. What you didn't think I wouldn't check?

I have been quiet for a while some of that reason has been to be respectful to others, other parts of the reason is because I had nothing to really say about what has been going on. I have had minor disagreements with one author for some of my questions in my reviews, this author doesn't like them in the public review and would prefer them to be in a PM, while I have tried that method and gotten chewed out for it so I went back to doing it in the reviews the author has threaten to block me but I have told them before go ahead and block me then it won't be anything new to me. The reason I still do it in the reviews other then getting no where in PM on the subject is simple they are not as public as he makes them out to be there are two sites that make there reviews way more public then fanfiction does. And those two sites are BigCloset Topshelf and Sapphire's Place if your into TG stories. The reviews/comments are right at the bottom of the stories you can just scroll down to read them instead of clicking somewhere that states reviews to see what others think of the story. So while I respect the author they have gotten on my nerves just as much I have of them. I wish them the best rather they decide to block me for this or not.

There was this one story that caught my Eye. It was in the Naruto universe it had a very interesting summary. The title grabbed my attention which normally doesn't always happen. It also seemed to have a good amount of length to the story according to the word count. But I admit that the word count can be misleading but I was willing to give it a chance. That is until I saw the pairing, earlier I mention that I like to see more gender bent stories out there and this one was going to be one of those as well. Sadly I didn't read it because of the pairing why what is the pairing you ask? It was a Naruto with a Female Sasuke, I am sorry but as I do list below I am tired of everyone trying to pair Naruto with any Ucchia. I wrote a PM to the author UrBoiPedro12 Saying how they almost had me.

Here let me show you, I will use Quotation marks that is going to be the only edit from me. "I was very interested in a story that you have written. It had everything that I look for like Length judging on word count. Made me wonder what could happen from just the summary. But what killed it is not the fact that the story has gender bent themes. No what ruin it for me is the pairing of Uzumaki and Ucchia. I am sorry but I am so sick of this pairing. It doesn't matter which Ucchia that ends up with the Uzumaki it doesn't matter if which one is the gender bent one. I am so sick of this pair as well as then pairing Uzumaki with Kakashi. This has been done to much in my opinion. And all mostly for the Dam bloody eyes. Even with out that To many think that Sasuke is so cool and so Dreamy. I am sorry I disagree with that strongly. I wish you the best of luck with the story. Others do seem to enjoy it. But I can't stand those stories anymore." This was from me to the author.

From the Author. "I could not give less of a f* what you think or want. Just find something else to read. Don't waste my time with s* like this."

Then I replied twice before I told them that I was putting this up on my profile page. "Excuse me I was very polite to you just because your upset at me for not sharing your interest in the pairing doesn't give you the right to swear at me. I was very respectful to you! but if you think you have the right to swear just because I state something that I didn't like you can go To a very liberal state and then deal with everyone sharing your view on everything! Leave me be if you can't handle someone being respectful to you even when they disagree with something that is so major that you need everyone to agree with you!"

"Excuse me I was very polite to you just because your upset at me for not sharing your interest in the pairing doesn't give you the right to swear at me. I was very respectful to you! but if you think you have the right to swear just because I state something that I didn't like you can go To a very liberal state and then deal with everyone sharing your view on everything! Leave me be if you can't handle someone being respectful to you even when they disagree with something that is so major that you need everyone to agree with you!"

This is what I mean when I say that I will not put up with people swearing at me. Especially when all I did was strongly disagree with a pairing that was used and I was respectful in voicing that disagreement. The worse that I said was that they could move to a liberal state so that they were amongst people that share the same opinion that they had. While not the best thing to have replied back with still was very respectful and didn't have me swearing at them what so ever.

No I didn't have there permission to post there reply but when you send a reply back in PM it's not like you need permission for that in the first place. If I was doing parts of there story here then I surely would have to ask. But again they sent the PM to me therefore I do not need permission to share it with you here!

To Kamon772: If you don't like my review fine you could just have ignored it! Just know that I will get it and share it here since you chose to block me. I say that because when I went to look at my inbox for your PM I was denied seeing anything! So let me make this clear to everyone even though it is already up here if you don't like my review then you do not have to reply back. If all your going to do is block me by sending a PM then do yourself the favor and not send the PM in the first place! For everyone else I am going to get that review if it hasn't been deleted and post it here for everyone to see. And explain my opinion to you all. "Wow, wow, wow! Back The heck up! First They become sages then they are already back in Kohona and then she is just there hidden waiting to strike? Seriously? So you are just going to leave your readers here to fill in the blanks when it should have already been a part of the story in the first place! That is some terrible writing skills if that is exactly what you are going to be doing,"

Now I put my review in " " even though it is my own review it will just be easier to tell what it is that I said without you having to go and see it for yourself unless you want to. I admit that at the end shouldn't be a , it should have been a . But for some reason the text was just a shade brighter then the background during and was at night in a dark room other then that I think that I did pretty good. Now I complained that the author left out a lot of information. Because in the chapter before it they just had Ranma complete sage mode coming out of a statue and then the start of the next Chapter Naurto was almost beaten by Pain. And Ranma is hiding in the ether or background. That is basically all of the third chapter that the author left and I called him out on it with the review. Instead they chose to block me as I said I got a PM and when opening it I am told that I am deny to see it. Private Message Denied

You are not allowed to pm this user. That says to me that I am blocked, so if you authors out there are going to get pissed at me because I am not praising you and you hate that I have the gall to call you on being poor by leaving out so much information then do yourself a favor and ignore me instead of PMing me to block me! Here I am not trying send them anything I get this every time I open it just to see what it is that they sent to me. Now it could be Fanfiction way of preventing a fight. But I point out again that if all your going to do is block me don't reply to a review because it just makes you look stupid! And I am not sorry that you can't accept that I find your skill lacking when you leave out so much information in a story in the first place!

Pairings I like

NarutoX any female so long as they are around his age.

Naruko X Again any female so long as they are around her age.

Ranma x Any female Around his age except for Akane. (Will explain in a bit)

Ranko X Any female around her age except for Akane (Again in a bit)

Harry X Mostly Hermione

Harry X Luna

Harry X Daphane

Harry X Tonks

Now those that some may want or think I left out for no good reason like a Harry X Susan Bones pairing I have read a few but I can't say that they are good nor can I say that they are bad so that is why they or others like her weren't added.

Pairings I dislike

Naruto X Tsuande or other females way older then he is.

Naruto X Female Sasuke (There are to many stories that try to give the Sharigen to Naruto through Itachi, Sasuke, and Kakashi and other Ucchia's, not counting all the blood limit stories out there rather gifted, Give birth to it, born into the clan, Or through the Nine tails! This is one of the things I wish to leave this site cause I am sick of how many stories of this there are.

Naruko X Male Sasuke (See above for the reason from the Female version)

Ranma X Akane (There are some good stories out there that have been able to do this pairing fairly well the biggest reason that I don't like it is because the author is lazy and claims it's not a Ranma fic if Akane isn't with him! What that tells me is the author is mainly concern with keeping the pairing this way is, so we can keep the same stupid humor and beat a dead horse with a stick, over an over, and over, again, and again, and again. I would love to see people approach this at different angles or explain better then when that's how the creator did it.) This is Fan Fiction it is perfectly alright to do something different then what the creator did meaning there is nothing wrong with changing the PAIRING!!! To bring new life into the universe that we all love.

Ranko X Akane (Same reason as above though there are so few Ranko type yuri stories out there, there are some but I find a lot more yaoi type and I mean that in the sense that a lock stories have Ranko end up with Ryoga, or a few with Mu Tsu, which is annoying to me. There are some good ones out there With those pairings mainly the Mu Tsu pairing, but those some don't out number the annoying facts of the pairing or how accepting it is for her to be with some guy, almost instantly.) In almost all of the ones that are out there.

Harry X Ginny (Again as I stated above about Gender bending stories this pairing is normally done because of the Epilogue done by JK and I have already admitted that there could be something here due to similar events like being taken over by Tom but there is just not enough in the Cannon for it in my opinion and most authors are to lazy in doing anything to actually build the romance for me to enjoy this pairing in anyway shape or form. Most of the time the author's attitude is it's there and they are together get over it, or any number of ways to say the same, and with nothing building up to it, no hey what is it that makes us work so well together. Nothing is done to explain it. I am sorry I am one of those readers that needs to see how things are lead up to it especially when it comes to Romance I don't need all the lead to a fight but that happens a lot more then it does with the pairing of these two together.

Harry X Older Women (Sorry but I was never into the younger being with supper old people at all for any universe that I read, not just Harry's)

Ron X Hermione (Same reason as above with Harry and Ginny as well as Ron with Luna)

Ron X Luna (Ron is the Light Version of Draco there both Jerks I can't see Ron with Luna nor Hermione because of how much of a jerk he is how Jealous he gets of Harry for the stupidest of things. A bit of a correction that I should point out after a bit of a debate with someone through PM's if we stick to the Ron character from the books then Ron is a bit better then Draco because he does seem to be able to admit his faults. The Ron from all of the movies is not able to do this from what I have seen.) So either way I just can't ever see these two with him because of it.

Hermione X Older Man (There are those out there that like this and although I find it questionable, that is fine but I do not I don't care if you send the character back in time or not, any character that is with another character older then 5 - 10 years older then the character has never made a good pairing for any story. In any universe that is out there. At least that is for me if it is for you find good luck.)

Hermione X Draco (If Ron was the light Draco to me, why would I want to read the real one with her?)

Harry/Multi (I don't mind a Harem, but I am against the Harem where the Male has got to catch them all, of the Females, in that Universe and other universes for the cross overs, that goes for in Ranma, and in Naruto as well for these, Male Characters to end up with all of the girls and of all ages, no matter what and no matter how it gets done. Because a lot of time it feels as if oh hey there's a female why is she not worshiping me, She is suppose to be worshiping me, Why you ask Because I say so Because I am God's gift Because etc,etc,etc.) The only thing that I can think of that I can truly get behind where a male has to Catch every Female was the preverted version of Pokemon which is known as the Poke girl universe where all the pokemon where a mix of girls with poke DNA and that has been the only universe where I saw such a need was. Anything else like Nauto with every single female young and old like he was god in the sac or any of the Male lead characters of any universe for that matter just never sat well with me. I don't mind reading Multi pairings but I want them to be realistic pairing as well as not to be overdone with things. Like they often are, Naruto is the worse for where this happens but it is not the only place it happens.

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