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I am overextending myself.

Huge thanks to NorthernGyrfalcon for creating (and letting me use) the cover art for Rewind.

Read below for where you can find me on other websites, some basic author info, incomplete story descriptions and statuses, and "progress" reports.

Find me on Tumblr!

My blog is actualbuckybames. Feel free to ask me about updates and stories or join me in my constant groaning about writing. You can find the graph for Rewind and some (bad) art for the Ex Machina trilogy on there as well. I'd link it directly if this site didn't hate links.

Find me on AO3!

My name on there is Reign_of_Rayne.

General Information

Name: Rayne, Reign, whichever.

Favorites: Whatever I'm writing about, pretty much.

Music: I vibe with Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Starset, Point North, Twin Wild, Young Medicine, etc. If you've got recommendations, hit me up. New music helps me write.

Other: I've got a cat. He's pretty neat and extremely stupid.


In-Progress Stories:

Rewind: In progress, completely unpredictable updates. Chapters 1-11 (everything before the hiatus) have been revised. Summary: Ichigo goes back in time, keeps his secrets, and realizes that the past isn't as simple as hindsight makes it out to be.

To Ignite the Stars: In progress, completely unpredictable updates. Summary: Ace is a mercenary and Marco the scientist pirate who hires him. Together, they go on a journey through space, but the marines are out to get them.

Hollow People: In progress, completely unpredictable updates. Summary: V7 and V8, but Adam forces his way into the plot because I like some gray with my black and white.

Stories on Hold:

The Chasm Between My Mind and Me: On hold. Everyone needs more Bucky and Steve in their lives, including Bucky and Steve.

Skipping Stones: On hold while I work on Rewind. Summary: Another time travel fic, but this time, only Zangetsu's hollow half makes it.

Rift: On hold. Summary: Ichigo tries to go back in time to avoid a devastating war with Aizen, but things don't go as planned. Rewritten 5/6/19.

Innocent: On hold. Summary: Bucky plus Avengers plus villains being idiots = trouble.

Progress Reports

Rewind: Chapter 26 is 50% written. The arc is 100% planned out. I have rudimentary plans for the next arc.

Things Thought Lost: Rewrite 36% complete. The demand for complete scene rewrites is way higher than expected.

Hollow People: Chapter 2 is being edited, chapter 3 is about 20% written.

Feel free to PM me if you've got anything to say or ask!

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