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I'm 16. My race is black but I act super white. I'm bisexual but I go for boys more than girls.

Favorite Movies: Alpha and Omega, X-MEN, Hunger Games, Resident Evil.

Favorite Bands: Avenged Sevenfold, Kicking Daisies, Black Veil Brides, War of Ages

Hobbies: Write stories, playing Guitar, sing (My voice sucks), Reading.

I'm in the process of making a fanfiction and if any one has any ideas send them to my profile.

Stories: Fight to the Death, Father son bonding time, Avenged Sevenfold meets Alpha and omega, Humphrey, Kate, Eve and Winston's Fun Time, Mooch Loves Humphrey, 10 Week with Tony, Snapped Rewritten, Tony goodbye song, Humphrey sings God Hates Us by A7X, Alpha and Omega Lemon Party Pack, Winston and Tony's Special Night, Our Love Is Endless.

Oc's :

Chou Lin

Eye color: Gray

Fur color: blackish-grayish

Gender: male

Pack rank: Alpha 2nd in command.

Sexuality: Homosexual

Family: Cridon (Ex-Boyfriend)

Arch Enemy: none


Eye color: Yellow

Fur color: blueish-gray

Gender: male

Pack rank: Ex-alpha, outcast

Sexuality: Homosexual

Family: Chou Lin (Ex-Boyfriend)

Arch Enemy: Humphrey


Eye color: White

Fur color: jet black

Gender: male

Pack rack: Alpha, outcast

Sexuality: Straight

Family: unknown

Arch Enemy: King


Eye color: Yellow

Fur color: gray

Gender: male

Pack rank: Alpha, outcast

Sexuality: Straight

Family: unknown

Arch Enemy: Scar


Eye color: Looks like Kate eyes but with one eye all white

Fur color: looks likes Kate but fur is wild

Gender: female

Pack rank: Alpha, outcast

Sexuality: Lesbian

Family: unknown

Arch Enemy: Anyone who poses a threat


Eye color: One eye red and the other is Blue

Fur color: looks like Humphrey but a little femish

Gender: male or female (Earth can be both at once)

Pack Rank: Omega

Sexuality: homosexual or lesbian

Family: Humphrey's brother or Kate and Lily sister

Arch Enemy: none

M. Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold. Kind of my Oc)

Gender: male

Pack rack: None

Sexuality: Do you really need to know that?

Family: Avenged Sevenfold

Arch Enemy: none

Synyster Gates

Gender: male

Pack rank: none

Sexuality: Do you really need to know that?

Family: Avenged Sevenfold

Arch Enemy: none


Eye color: Orange

Fur color: Brown

Gender male

Pack rank: omega

Sexuality: Bisexual

Family: Fang & Rose (Denmate *Roommate*)

Arch Enemy: none


Eye color: oddly black colored eyes (everything on the outside of Iris is black and Iris is Yellow and pupil is black)

Fur color: Jet black

Gender: male

Pack rank: alpha

Sexuality: Straight

Family: Rose (mate) & Kily (friend)

Arch Enemy: Cridon


Eye color: yellow

Fur color: pinkish-red

Gender: Female

Pack rank: omega

Sexuality: Straight

Family: Fang (mate) & Kily (friend)

Arch Enemy: none

This are some of my favorite people:



Neysid (Sidney backwards and there are two 'Sidney's I know)




Le Shwan

Etc... (can't name'em all)

My favorite character from Alpha and Omega


My favorite Alpha and Omega pairing on fanfiction

Garth and Humphrey

Here are some Superheros that can be real in real life




Catwoman (Okay she's not a superhero who cares)

IronMan (yes that's a real hero you just have to be super smart to build the suite )


If your are ever in trouble at school just this:

I'm gay.

I Feel like my parents don't care about me.

My mother passed away.

I'm bisexual

I hate myself.

My parents are divorced.

I was raped.

I'm lisbean. (Spelled it wrong I know)

My parents me kicked out of my house.

My mom isn't cool with me like my dad.

My friend passed away.

MORE information about me:

I love to look at wolves (on the internet). I feel like I'm a werewolf sometimes because I'm super energetic, I eat all the time, I aware of surrounding, and I travel from pack to pack ( meaning I don't stay in one group forever so you if take me to a party I'm not hangin' with you the whole time I might leave. You better have food with you to keep me from leaving). I'm going to be a writer for game company (love writing).

My Favorite Songs by Avenged Sevenfold:


Brompton Cocktail

God Hates Us


Things I love:

Furries (huge furry fan)

Heavy Metal

Gays (Maybe if you're not over the top with it)






Alpha and Omega

Garthphrey pairings (Garthphrey is Humphrey name mixed with Garth's)

Things I hate:

Annoying People

Internet Jackasses

Stuck Ups

People predicting your future


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