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Hello there and welcome! Please make yourself at home and enjoy the craziness that is Wolves the Author (formerly Wolvesareawesome13)

If you haven't noticed my name's Wolves the Author but you guys can call me Wolves or Wolfie. I'm an aspiring author and a broke college kid (joy and rapture)

My profile used to be a lot longer but I figured I would just try to clean it up and make it more organized.

I'm growing more and more convinced that this profile will mostly be based on the Hunger Games fandom but you never know I may fandom jump.

Completed Stories: NONE (that will hopefully change soon)

Current Stories: NONE (that WILL change soon)

Stories In The Works: There's like fifty bouncing around in this crazy brain of mine. But I'm keeping them a secret for now. Just expect a lot of AUs and fanfiction of fanfiction. I swear it will all make sense later!

My SYOT Brain Babies
(I know that I've submitted a lot of tributes in my day but I'm just gonna be real honest here I don't remember the vast majority of them either they're dead or the SYOT has discontinued so I'm just gonna put down all the tributes I remember and create from now on)

Currently Alive:
Didgit Lancaster, 17, District 3. A underestimated smartass with a family name to live up to. The 99th Hunger Games: Heir (Reign of Winter)

None yet! YAHOO!

Tesla Sinclair, 17, District 1. Winner of the 1st Hunger Games. A District 3-born master manipulator with morals turned murderer. History Repeats Itself (Author of Ice and Fire)
Milah Ryenhardt, District 9. Winner of the 50th Hunger Games. A morphling addicted mentor who lost a lot in her games but would never want you to know it. The 61st Hunger Games: The Reckoning (Chthonic Python)

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