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Alright so, this has come up a few times:

Yes, the original Broken Pieces has been taken down. No, I will not be reposting it.

It was a rough decision, but I felt like it was important to clean up and start anew -- especially when it came to respecting the rules of this site. As such, I pretty much purged my account.

But, you can still read "Broken Pieces" and "Together Again" in the form of "The Sum of Our Parts" which you can find on both my and Cheshirecity's Archive of Our Own accounts (link to mine below). "The Sum of Our Parts" is, ultimately, the story we wanted to tell and the culmination of our efforts from the last several years.


My name is Amanda and I've been writing fanfiction since before I knew what fanfiction was. I'm a recent graduate, having obtained a Bachelor's in Literature. Reading and writing are my two great passions; its always been my dream to have people read and enjoy my work and I wish to one day be able to publish my work so that it can be enjoyed on a larger scale. Until then, I enjoy blogging on tumblr and desperately searching for a job. My current WIP is The Sum Of Our Parts, a rewrite of Broken Pieces which I co-author with my lovely girlfriend CheshireCity.

If ever you have any questions or comments, please feel more than free to send me a PM! I love getting to know my readers.

You can find my explicit stories at my AO3.

Alternatively, you can find me at my tumblr

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