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On tumblr at peccolias and peccoliawrites (for less clutter), where various art and fic extras can be viewed.

On Archive of Our Own (AO3) as peccolia. Please go find me there to continue reading Halo Effect and The Legend of Three Leaves. I'm migrating over as of 11/24/18. Everything will remain here as-is, but marked as "complete" so y'all know there won't be any more updates here.

Fan Corner

This is where I collect fanworks related to my fics because I love the contributions so much and hope all of you will look at them and love them, too! If I miss anything feel free to give me a heads-up and I'll add it in when I update the list.

tokibun drew a really great bust portrait of Namie so please check it out here: /d8h9ife

tokibun also portrayed a precious moment between siblings from chapter twenty-eight: view it here: /d8v8mdc

Here's tokibun's cool take on chunin Namie based on one of my designs: /d9fwq66

KonekoNoRenkinjutsushi has drawn a super fun full-body fanart of Namie which you can view here: /albums/o742/JeffPipp/image.jpg1_zpsovtk6ntq.jpg

AthanatosOra contributed a wonderful full-body fanart of Namie so get a look at that here: /d8sorjo

AthanatosOra also dreamed up a really cute little crossover of both Namie and Rika together here: /post/127224827575/there-are-so-manythings-i-should-be-doing

This one is really really cute especially for RikaxShisui shippers, from a scene in Ch. 13 of Dragonfly: /post/130324545815/everything-rika-and-shisui-from-kettobases

SassyDavey has drawn a really super cute cold-weather Namie in a fluffy coat here: /da7px4b

ysmirel contributed an amazing traditional-style rendition of Namie (as the way she imagines entries in the Bingo Book, I was told!) here: /post/160017774247/so-i-was-reading-peccolias-laterality-and-my

Emocean has drawn an adorable Namie fanart full of hope! Here: / post /171680423647/why-she-wondered-was-i-given-a-second-chance

lunarsilverfox put together a super cool rinmaru doll dress up version of future Mitsuba here: / post/ 176600742895/peccolias-future-mitsuba-i-hope-you-like-it

The current The Legend of Three Leaves cover is by Emocean!

Also! Silvyia has asked to borrow Rika for her SI/OC fic The Higher We Climb and she debuts in chapter 15.

GoodOmens has written a collection of omakes for various stories and ones for Laterality and Dragonfly are among them! Check it out here (chapters 1, 7, 8, 20, 23 involve Laterality so far and 12 is for Dragonfly)

It's always a pleasure to see contributions for my fics so thank you all so much! My gratitude is endless. And none of you ever ever need my permission (or if you really want it, then I'm giving it now) before you post things like this but please do send me a message so I can check it out and thank you!

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