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Hi everyone!

I am more of a reader than a writer, so there probably won't be any stories posted on here (at least not until I graduate from my masters degree program and have time to write something other than my thesis).

I enjoy reading fanfics for many books, cartoons, and anime/mangas, but my current obsession is InuYasha.

I am one of those nerds who watches shows in Japanese with subtitles because I watch enough anime to know the English dubbed version is never accurate and even changes characters or deletes entire episodes (cough cough Sailor Moon cough).

I know everyone does this, so I guess I'll submit to peer pressure - favorite ships are as follows:

Inukag-I don't always stay cannon, but in this story I can't see anything else working for these two. Watch/read the entire series from beginning to end of Final Act and tell me if I'm wrong (I'm not).

Zutara-Mmmm, yep. Aang is too cloying for Katara's spirited personality and would stifle her. Zuko and Katara have a good balance of similarities and differences in their personalities. The only problem with their relationship would be a political issue, and I think Bryke took the easy way out with a Kataang ending for this exact reason.

Karma-For those of you less familiar with the non-animated world, this is referring to Kartik and Gemma from Libba Bray's Gemma Doyle Trilogy.

Chizuru Yukimura x Toshizo Hijikata - Sad, but so good!

Also, I have a few pet peeves (but I try not to flame people about them).

I am a stickler for proper grammar. I feel like people are writing on here to practice writing correct? So why do people get mad when you politely correct errors? If I were them, I would be grateful that I would be stopped from continuing to make the same embarrassing mistake over and over again. How do you expect to get better if no one points out where you can improve? I'm not saying I approve of leaving solely critical comments, I always mix the critiques in with compliments on what the authors did well.

I think people leaving "flames" is a waste of time. It seems like those people are most often just bitchy cowards who don't even say anything helpful. If you are just going to shoot down everything about a story, why are you even reading it if you don't like it?

I laugh when authors say, "I suck at writing summaries, but read this story cuz it's great!" Really? Because if you can't write one small paragraph I am certainly not trusting you to be able to properly narrate a story.

Most importantly, I hate when people make AUs or whatever and completely change the personalities of the characters. What the hell is the point of using those characters then? I just don't understand that. I like reading about what those characters would do in an AU situation, not what other characters who happen to have the same name would do.

Well, now that I've got my ranting over with, I will get on with reading all of the wonderful stories on here!


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