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Name: SECRET *wink*

Description name: BlueRosette23

Hello everyone, I am BlueRosette23 which isn't my real name. I like my family, friends, reading, learning new things, meeting new people and music. I dislike arrogant, egotistical, conceited jerks/pricks, and when people stare at me for no apparent reason and my low self-esteem. Hobbies? hmm... well I like reading most of the time, singing and watching movies or hanging out with my friends. Dreams?...well I did had a dream last night...just kidding XD... my dreams are not of your concern but I do want to travel the world in the future.

I have been reading fanfictions since highschool and I have been an avid reader since then. I really want to publish a story but I don't know how to write a story(and it isn't my forte). So I'll make it my goal to try to publish a story even if it's a one-shot.

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