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Greetings, my fellow readers and writers. Welcome to my page.

"Respect is earned, and honesty is appreciated; trust is gained, and loyalty is returned."

"Actions speak louder than words."

Please, enjoy your visit.


About this awesome user:

I am a cute and cuddly grizzly bear, but don't get too close or else I'll claw your eyes out and devour your delicious organs and muscles.

Besides being a grizzly bear, I am also a high ranking soldier in the Grammar Nazi brigade.

Whenever I am not doing either of those two things, I go to school and work like any other regular, boring human.


I enjoy a plethora of shows; anything that has morals and entertainment is worthy of my attention.

My favorite past time is reveling in my decent childhood and frowning at my awful future.

I am an expert procrastinator and quitter.


I am a crew member on the yacht, MacDash, and a sailor on the ships, FlutterDash and TwiDash.

I will gladly join a mob to assassinate the FlutterMac, SoarinDash, and Flashlight parties.

Currently, I have boarded the boat, RobRae, and I have no plans of abandoning ship.

[Past Story]

Title: Crushed

Character(s): Fluttershy, Big Macintosh

Format: One Shot, Story

Genre/Rating: Romance, Hurt/Comfort

Description: Fluttershy has the biggest crush on Big Macintosh, and she plans on confessing to him. Today.

Status: Completed

[Current Story]

Title: Corrupt Justice

Character(s): Mane 6, OC (Law Enforcement)

Format: Multiple Chapters, Story

Genre\Rating: Crime, Sad\Teen

Description: Ponyville is one of the safest and greatest towns to live in. Aside from the overly friendly and residence of Equestria's protectors, they also have a high tolerance for equine diversity. That all changes with the new arrival of the racist and homophobic sheriff, Law Enforcement. How is the town of Ponyville to survive with the new sheriff's unjust treatment of pegasi, unicorns, and homosexuals?

Status: Hiatus

[Future Story]

Title: The Red and Blue Corpus

Character(s): Big Macintosh, Rainbow Dash

Format: Multiple Chapters, Compilation

Genre/Rating: Romance

Description: A series of vignettes, drabbles, fluff, and one-shots featuring the glorious ship, MacDash, in some form.

Status: In Progress

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