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I'm just a teenager that writes How To Train Your Dragon fan fiction. I'm not different from you. (There are some differences but I'm not telling) Maybe I'm still new to this but I will strive to write better.

Age: Around early teens

Gender: Male

Currently living in : Hong Kong

Favourite movie: How To Train Your Dragon (soon, maybe How To train Your Dragon 2)

Movies That I Think is Good: Frozen

What I want in writing fan fiction: To improve my overall writing skills. ( That's a little selfish, I know)

Why did I start writing fan fiction: After reading a lot of How To Train Your Dragon fanfics, I just decided to start writing them.

Writing style: Usually writes in first-person narrative, heavily inspired by author Endevorer on this site.


Yes, I've been away for quite a while now, not updating my fics as regularly as anyone could've hoped for. The main reason that I've not been updating them is that I started to fear that I cannot write fics up to the statndards I was hoping for. Looking at it, I just felt that they are really just...meh. Not too noticable, but yet not that great either. Also, during that time, I was not in the mood for writing, and the fact that I did not focus on writing is because I've joined some Dragons fan site and I've been chatting in Skype groups there. Not to mention I got into gaming recently...yeah, it's been a while and lots of things has happened.

As for the current state of my fics, no, they are NOT abadoned. I will be trying to update them as soon as I can, and properly rewriting chapters that I think that is needed to be rewritten(Which, in the end, could be eveything.), if I have enough time, as the exams are closing in for me.

So, yeah, I've been doing a lot of things not related to writing fan fiction. Now is time get back on writing them.

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