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Hey, I am a new writer. I have written two stories for Rise of the Guardians, one for PJO/HoO, and I hope to write many more. I am also working on a separate novel in my free time, so if I don't update for a while, PM me. I will probably have gotten distracted by my other non-fanfiction book.

I am a huge fandom girl. My user name alone alludes to three of my favorite BBC shows. So, I love Doctor Who, Sherlock, Star trek, Harry Potter, Maze Runner trilogy, Percy Jackson as well as spin off, the Kanes, and many more. I have spent so much time reading books I have decided to try my hand at writing.

I love to read reviews, so if you want to offer encouragement or constructive criticism I am all ears.

My Stories:

- Winter's Child : This is a collection of one shots, drabbles, and arcs about Jack Frost and co.

- Secrets : This is a Human!Guardians and Fem!Jack story that will feature my favorite pairing, JackRabbit. It is still in the works as of now, but I hope to update it a lot.

- Goddess Beauty and Modeling Agency : This is an AU where the girls of the Percy Jackson stories are models for Aphrodite, the biggest name in fashion, modeling, etc, herself. An summer trip may lead the girls to unexpected outcomes, like love and friendship. Percabeth, Jasper, Frazel pairings.

Possible Stories:

- I am considering doing a characters read the stories type thing. I have already started a very loose beginning of the story, but I am unsure of it as of yet.

- I am also considering a Chaos story/ Guardian of the Hunt with a main Pertemis pairing. I love stories like these because they tend to be more in depth and longer, so I am considering one.

If you want me to actually write one of these stories, or request one of your own, please pm me. If I get enough requests I will write the story and publish it when it is almost finished. If you request it I will give a possible timeline for it's published date because I want to get a lot finished in my other stories before publishing a new one.

I hope to soon be able to expand this lists, but for now that is it!

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