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So this where you do your profil? (everybody answering ''DUH! Yeah, it is!'') Well it looks empty!! Anyways, I'm a weird girl. But then again, everybody is a bit weird in life (don't deny it, you KNOW it's true!!). If you guys want to know some infos about my stories in-progress, go to the bottom of the page!

It's kinda awkward describing myself. I'm just a 15 years-old (update: I'M NOW FREAKING SIXTEEN! MOUAHAHAHAHA) who loves writing, drawing mangas, watch animes and Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural and READ, READ, READ AND REAAAAAAAADDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! You know books like:

-Percy Jackson -The Heroes of Olympus (only at the 2nd book and I'm already spoiled at The House of Hades T_T)

-The Fault in Our Stars (I cried, hid in a corner and bawled my head out again)

-The Hunger Games -Divergence (why do I have to get spoiled on Allegiance? It's so unfair!) and a little point here: The Hunger Games and Divergence ARE NOT THE SAME. Damn it, why do people keep thinking that?! Read the books before saying something like that!!

-Matched (Cassia is such a pretty name...)

-Gone (oh Breeze, why...?)

-The Mortal Insrtuments (I hope the 6th book will be the last)

-The Infernal Devices (*reading Clockwork Princess, DO NOT SPOIL OR I WILL MURDER YOU FROM MY BARE HANDS *grins manically*)

-Glitch by Heather Anastasiu

-Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini (such a cool trilogy!! I highly recommend! Mythology, forbidden love, prophecy and crazy grec gods on the menu!)

-All the books Alyson Noël writted (The Immotal Series, Radiance series, Soul Seekers and so on!)

-Miss Peregrine and the House for Peculiar Children (NEED to read Hollow City!! This book is so awesomeeee!!)

-The Host (Wanda, Ian I love youuuuu!!!!!)

-Twilight (I DO NOT like the movies, only the books 'kay?)

-Under the Never Sky trilogy (such a action/romance/apocalyptic book!! Recommend also!)

-House of Night series (I was confirmed that it was going to put on a movie, I'm so excited!! EEEEEHHHHHHHHH *okay shut up now XD*)

-Pure by Julianna Baggot (. Super interesting though only those who can support some gory-awkward-creepy-radioactif scenes should read it.)

-Sweep series (I read it in French and it's called ''Sorcière'')

-Fallen series by Lauren Kate (It's going to be put up in a movie too o_o)

-Unearthly trilogy (Clara Gardner: Triplare Angel Awesomeness with a lot of angst, poor girl T_T)

-Delirium trilogy (I feel like it could have better ended but I still liked it a lot! A world where love is literally a disease, now THAT is something!)

-Uglies novels (that was AMAZING!! The beginning, the ending, everything!!)

-The Kanes novels (just on the seond book, don't spoil please!!)

-Midnighters (another piece of awesomesauce from Scott Westerfield!)

I could tell more books that I read but it would take too long XDD On with animes (and mangas) now!! The list isn't as long as the book's just to say!!

-Death Note (anyone who claims to only have started reading mangas and watching animes HAS THE RESPONSIBILITY to watch this! It's incredible and it's the first thing that ever made me cry, you know with L...)

-Soul Eater (there was the happy ending in the anime and the epic bloody ending in the manga. I'm so sad that they didn't continue the anime and make it like the manga, I loved it so much *snifsnifsnif*)

-Ouran Highschool Host Club (To be honest, I ship HikaruxHaruhi more then TamakixHaruhi XDD Hikaru doubled with Death the Kid's voice is just TOO COOL TO BE IGNORED DANG IT XDDD and didn't you guys noticed Tamaki dubbed is the voice of Spirit in Soul Eater and they both have ''daughter'' and consider themselves ''daddy'', hihihi!!)

-Angel Beats! (The ending of those 13 episodes just, well... destroyed me. *go hide in a corner and cries* Such a beautiful series...)

-Black Butler (Because I'm one Hell of a fangirl. XDD)


-Fairy Tail (I'm just at the beginning! Don't tell me anything about who' Wendy and stuff like that XD)

-Vampire Knight (I'm kinda at episode 7-8 or something, hopefully 8 beCAUSE IT'S SYMMETRICAL ;D)

-Black Rock Shooter (It's a pure masterpiece. Symmetrical perfect 8 episodes. The images or graphics are BEAUTIFUL. Holy Banana, you people need to watch this!! A link to a amv of it is to be made )

-Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (even a child would know how epic that anime was, though the endin with all the faces the dwarf in the flask did... it creeped me out a bit e.e)

-Pandora Hearts (*go dies out of feels* This is like, ex aequo to Soul Eater, the epicest, most hardcore and plot twisted manga and anime I have ever watched and read!! *HEAVY BREATHING* Characters die *cough* Nightray *cough, the nice are actually evil *cough*Ja...!*cough, there's blood, gore, plot, suspense and a whole load of isanely mad action! So sad it's almost to the end *go cries in a corner*)

-Mirai Nikki (Future Diary): Aaahhh, if you're searching for some good yandere stories, then this one should satisfy you as well as break your heart. I LOVE Yuno, I can't really help it but damnit all do I also hate her OF ALL THE CORE OF MY SOUL and these feelings are so strong it's pathetic. Though Akise wins the spot for my favorite character. And AkisexYukki is the only yaoi pairing that I've seen that is ACTUALLY CANON and it makes me sooooo happpppyyyyyyy!!!

-Assassination Classroom: This... is probably the weirdest shit I've ever seen in my life and god, do I love it too. XDD It's impossible to NOT love our lovable Koro-sensei and his hilarious manias and students. And... DAMN DEM KNIFE SKILLZ NAGISA-SENPAI, TEACH ME, TEACH ME!! *starts hooting over the roofs*

I heard about Hetalia (too much Hetalia actually..) so I'm gonna try to watch it!

My OTP's?

-PercAbeth (obviously!)

-CassYle (beautiful!)

-HikaruxHaruhi (I ship them SO HARD!!)

-MisaL (for some weird reason, I feel like they belong together even with Misa wanting to be with Light/Kira)

-LucexDaniel - (they're soulmates.)

-KanadexOtonashi (WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MOVE ON KANADE, SWEETHEART??!! *goes back to cry in a corner*)

-ElliOz (whatever people will say *you know who you are* I DO NOT SHIP ELILEO. So sorry but it's just they look too much like BFF's to me T_T Besides, I'm a fan of love/hate relationships and Elly-kun and Oz just fit to good in the discription XD)

-Breaklice (that stands for BreakxAlice and oh damn if this pairing was to happen *which will never happen since -SAYS SPOILER-* that would be just too hot and goddamn sexy. *gets a nosebleed of fangirlism*)


-Yukise (Stands for YukkixAkise and you know what... IT'S FREAKING CANON! (well kinda but I don't give two craps about that detail) YEAAAAHHHHHHH FOR THE YAOI SHIPPERS!!!)

-Karmagisa (Stands for KarmaxNagisa. It brushed my mind when I was reading the manga but then I went to see here if there were any fanfiction and... BOOM. I found this ship. No need to know what happened next.)

-Karmanami (It's KarmaxOkuda. Why? Because when you about it, the ship is as cute as KarmaxNagisa.)

-KarmaxNagisaxAsano (If I was allowed to do a threesome in the story... yes, if there was a threesome... Brr, now this will definitely be a spicy threesome...!)

-JacquelinexKim (I don't care if it's Yuri, they're perfect)

-SoMa (who wouldn't ship them? But there is a couple that I ship more and harder then them and it's a bit... weird XDD)

-KidxCrona (That will never, EVER change until I die, I'm sure of it. I know that they don't interact a lot in the anime nor in the manga but I can't help it!! I find them too adorable together :DD And please, at least tolerate my shippings because I don't accept mean homophobes or people not able to AT LEAST accept this shipping just because they don't know and neither do I know Crona's gender. So two words about this: SHUT. UP.)

About my ongoing stories...

The Strangest Horcruxe: It's more slow paced then the others Harry Potter/Soul Eater Xovers, that's for sure. I actually envy the others' stories for that. I go more for the character's emotions and feelings in my first chapters instead of more action and suspense. But then again, if you actually read it *can't help the tiny hint of sarcasm* you'd find out that I'm adding more and more action as the chapter go. And I have a plot in mind that hasn't been revealed yet *grins evilly* Though my posting schedule is a bit hectic right now, I've got a lot of work to do at school so I'm pretty much brain dead when I get back home. Don't be surprised if it takes a bit of time between updates. Also, I might modify some chapters, even go to delete one or two to pace up things faster. Don't be surprised one day if you see an update of my story but it still has the same number of chapters. It means that I deleted one and edited another while posting at the same time post up a new one.

Ticking the Clock of Time backward: A Soul Eater/Pandora Hearts Xover. Why? Because two creepy mangas and animes should go together. My gad. This is a much lighter story than TSH, more prone on humour and friendship than angst and creepiness (though, that last one does leak out from time to time XD). Right now there is more crackiness on my ongoing chapter than ever before. You can thank Puella Magi Madoka Magica for that part, hehe!

About my upcoming stories..

Welcome to the Masquarade: This is a singularly Pandora Hearts fiction. Way more darker than any of my previous fics, it will put up on stage our favorite boyish trio, Elliot, Leo and Oz. The pairings? It sill start off as an ElliLeo before slowly going to a ElliOz, to satisfy everybody's cup of tea. But don't mistaken ElliOz for a fluffy pairing. Because nothing in this story is going to be fluffy with sunshine and daisies. No, more like poison ivy. I practiced myself a bit with my one-shot Manic Lullaby and I am satisfied with my work. I am already ahead of a few chapters and I want to make a dozen before posting it up here, of sort that I do not have tardiness problems like for my other fics.

Summary: Oz. His name is Oz. Disappeared for years, thought dead to the authorities, he suddenly materializes out of nowhere at Sablier, landing in an asylum run by the Nightray family and earning himself a peak of interest from the dukedom’s youngest heir, Elliot. That curiosity tangles him in a delirious, unescapable mess where Oz is at the center of it all. Watch out for him, you may or may not come back alive or sane. Semi-AU! ElliOz!

The End of The World is going to be between Tentacles and Gods Why not a crossover between Future Diary and Assassination classroom. WHY THE HELL NOT? XDD It sounds just as cracky as I'll try to make the story into. Sure, it'll have its dark moments (and how do I love writing creepy horror stuff!) but I'll make every effort to give it a great plot and elements to give it a beautiful (and hilarious) life!

Summary: Meet Amano Yukiteru, otherwise known as Yukki, whose life has just taken a turn for the ridiculous kind of worse. Why? Well, first he is contestant in mad battle royal to become God. Second, his best ally in said game is an insane stalker madly in love with him. And third, his new school (since last one blew up by his fault) put him in Class 3-E, of all classes and that’s not the worst. His teacher is apparently the octopus that destroyed the moon and plans to do the same to Earth if he and his classmates don’t assassinate him by next March! How in the world can he be this unlucky? Yukki has no idea.

The Devil's Game: Again, a crosover. Yes, yesh, I apparantly suck at doing a fanfiction for only one fandom but hey! it's really cool imagining two completely different world meet! Plus, for those who like horror, you'll have plenty in this story since it'll revolve mainly around Yukiteru, the Will of the Abyss (or rather Core) a Chain and lots of nightmares and hunting monsters, hehe... hehehe!

Summary: A soundless tune begins to play and a dance starts. We waltz together like marionettes, monotonously and without a sound, coming together little by little as the clock ticks by. Together, we dream of bloody nightmares and our dance makes our worlds less dull and lonely, yet as we come nearer the end of our ballet, the end of the pendulum, the end of my time, our dimensions collide and we bring madness in the fate of this universe. And when the clock strikes twelve, I will bleed for you and fall towards you, as you continue to twirl your feet above puddles of crimson and call for me.

A Canvas for Dying Stars: An ONLY (yay me!) Future Diary fanfiction. The pairing is Yukise and the story is going to be an semi-AU, kind of a canon-divergence if I may say. It'll revolve around the aftermath of the Survival Game and how it can affect the survivors left. And yes, I said survivor in plural. *winks* Once I post it and you read the first chapter, you'll get what I mean.

Summary: Surely, he didn’t deserve to live. Not after what he has undergone through with Survival Game, not after the despicable actions he’s done in the name of grief and love. But apparently, Akise is not yet ready to abandon Yukiteru to wallow in his misery and guilt. And despite all of his protests, the traumatized boy can’t help but try and reach out for salvation one last time. Despite his desire to stop living, Yukiteru can’t help but want to make his bloodstained life a bit more colorful. At least before he decides to kill himself. AkiYuki! Trigger warning!

So it's kinda weird describing myself (XDD) and just little last info about myself, I'm a OBESSESSED CHOCOLATE AND POUTINE EATER!! and I love roller coasters, Skittles and cake mix. I listen to music so much that I might go deaf at my left twenties and my biggest dream is to explore the world while doing crazy stuff (bungee, skydiving, scubadiving with Great White Sharks and ect.). I'm crazy (who isn't?). Like, MORBIDLY SADISTIC crazy. I also suck at math.

Just for you guys to know that I'm weird *winks*

bows to the audience* Merry meet, merry meet again and blessed be. (HoN quote) *curtains closes*

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