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Heavenly God is just my username and don't ask me why i choose that name or else i will hate you. sorry just joking. I have other account, Hell915, this is my second account.

My nickname is Lisa, so don't be hesitate or nervous to call my name. Cause i like even people call me the name i used to. My birth name is Lorraine Alyssa Louis L. Kinujim.

I was born place in Clinic Specialist Center which i don't know where that place is.

born of date is 05 05 1997. not to mention i'm Taurus.

I live in Sabah, Malaysia.

What i like, let see, I have too many things I like, but I'll give you the list of my likes:

1. I like or love any kind of chocolate except raisin beans in its.

2. Actions movies are awesome though I am girl.

3. Reading a fanfiction going to be my bored till my the end my life.

4. I like milkshakes flavors; such as strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.

5. The fruit I like to eat is blueberries. Other words maybe no cause I will only eat the blueberries.

6. I love military fanfiction and weapons.

7. I also love all the Japanese tradition, such as :

- traditional weapons or as a ancient Japanese weapons

- traditional clothes, food and their architecture or inferior

- their plants and animals

What I dislike or hate:

1. I hate vegetables.

2. I hate horror movie and violence movie.

The song i love so much is:

1. Skillet's

2. Scandal's

3. High and Mighty Colour's

4. Christina Grimmie's

5. Selena Gomez's

The manga i like to read is Noblesse, Bleach , Fairy Tail, Kubera. And Naruto probably.


I like to watch Law and Order (s) and many more.

1. Pairing in :

A. Bleach: Ichigo K. or as Female Ichigo with:

Byakuya (I really think ichi and bya-kun are seem to be great pair don't ya thin?) Aizen (please don't hate me! I don't even know why add him on my list) H. Ichigo (I WISH ICHI LOVE HIS HOLLOW) Grimmjow (He's so cute if he's alive and living together with Ichi) Ulquiorra (Why you have to die?!!!!!) Toshiro (maybe he could be a bit taller than female ichi. Prossesively on his strawberry)

B. Inuyasha:

KAGOME & SESSHOMARU(AW!! There's so cute)

C. Naruto:

Naruko/Female Naruto pairing with anyone who she likes except weirder or some freak or anyone that can make her happy (cause I'll be dead or i'll be having a nightmare or wishing for its just a dream that i should not read it if read it)

2. My favourite character i love so much:


Ichigo Kurosaki and Hichi/zangetsu (as in Ichi's Hollow/Zapakuto)

could be great if they're twin brothers or lovers but i'm not accepting they are arc enemies.

i like to call them :

- i would call Ichi as Black/Dark King/Knight.

- as for Hichi is White King/Knight but not horse

B. La Corda D'oro

Kahoko x Len (two violinist, are so cute!!!)

C. Naruto

Naruto would be mostly like smart and strong, leadership and knowledgeable in every ninja way. Tactical person. Or as in military. Or he will be dark naruto, which is more like smart, pure genius, mischievous person, leadership skills, tactical and stronger than everyone who he ever met.

D. Batman (Villains Character)

Joker might be my worst nightmare but other than that, I'm only interested of his skills. Such as, chemical, master of combat, his intelligence, creativity of his madness in his crimes, tactical leadership and good in Mastermind.

CROSSOVER ANIME/MANGA, MOVIE (maybe sexually except violence or abused)

A. Bleach with :

Fairy tail

Predetor ( as in movie )


Naruto = mostly like naruto has a loving family

The suitable person for Naruto's guardians is:

- Ichigo Kurosaki ( he's perfect to be brother or father and maybe he can become overprotective mode to Uto-kun)

- Byakuya Kuchiki ( same as ichi)

- Gin Ichimaru ( I love fox and suits him but hate snakes)

- Ichi's Hollow ( maybe he can prankster like Uto-kun, besides he mostly like unpredictable although they're a bit different but mostly he can be second version of ichi) but he can be second older brother.

- Grimmjow is just Naruto's brother figure in case if other brothers are busy do their work( maybe he can teach Uto-kun in swordman)

- Ulquiorra might gonna need to show compassion.

- Unohana Retsu (might be not type of mother but she's mostly like an opposites version of Tsunade)

- Genryuusai Yamamoto Shingekuni (would be like strict and responsible grandad) maybe he can take naruto as his protege or adopted grandson or son.

- Shihoin Yoruichi ( surely she can teach Uto-kun in spy)

- Soi-Fon might be like sister to Uto-kun

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