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Yo. Crossover connoisseurPunitor567 here. Also, to whom it may concern, I am indeed a sentient salt bomb.

Age: 22

Nationality: Bangladeshi (FOR THE LAST TIME, FANFICTION, I DO NOT LIVE IN ICELAND) (Ah. And now it says Not Set no matter how many times I set it. What do you have against my homeland????!!)


Anime: Too many to list here

Books: Harry Potter (who doesn't?), Percy Jackson, Heroes Of Olympus, Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Kingkiller Chronicles, Foundation Saga, etc

Music: Loads and loads. The more tuneful songs in particular

Movies: Loads. Usually action. And the MCU.

TV Shows: Sherlock, Doctor Who, The Flash, Daredevil, etc etc

Preferences: Action, Tragedy, Romance, Gritty(not a genre but you get the point), Fluff, Light-hearted Adventure

So then, about my stories:


The Day of the Ninth: Day of the Doctor, from Nine's perspective.

In Progress:-

Devils of Aincrad: SAO X DXD. At the moment, technically following canon

Azure Cosmos: Fate/Grand Order X Azur Lane. Canon? Sod that.


Smile of the Stheno

In development hell:-

Untitled SAO X DXD crossover (unrelated to other story)

Untitled Azur Lane X MCU crossover

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