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OK then I'm changing things up drastically been a while since I've been on and updated any of my stories aside from my author's note. There's really no excuse especially considering the fact that I've had time to sit and read. So this is how things are going to go. I'm having finical troubles, college troubles, house troubles, and a random cat deciding it's funny to use my computer tower as a scratching post. Yes i was pissed.

Anyway. I'm trying to pull together all my old stories and rebuild them while still incorporating bits and pieces of the old stories and plot lines.

Wish me luck I'll try to keep everyone updated here on my home page.

Sept 09, 2010

wow, not having Internet sucks. i managed to get on the next door neighbors Internet. Stupid them and their not updating their security. still trying to pull my thoughts together. Things have been way crazy had to move twice this month and it looks like I'm still going to be doing it again later.

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