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Hi, my name is Rachel ( pen name ) I am 29 years old !! I hope to become a writer some day :)

Currently, I am a doctor , Critical Care Resident ..

Also , I am VERY HUGE One Piece fan ( Oda-sama your work took over my life ), I just love it so much !

My writings will be mainly Adventure/Romance of my favorite pairings ; not just the ones listed below but also any crazy pairings I come up with ;)

My favorite characters :

1-Doflamingo : I love how evil he is ! He is evil because he enjoys being evil *smirks *. Ahhh... he'll always be the love of my life *faints*

2-Zoro : AHHHHHHHHHHH !! such a badass sexy bastard ;) I just love him Doflamingo : I love how evil he is ! He is evil because he enjoys being evil *smirks *

3-Sabo : OH MY GOD ! He is so awesome !! His " dragon claw " attack just blew me away & made me fall in love with him instantly :)

4- Smoker : Well...he is so sexy * nosebleed *it drives me insane !! I enjoyed Punk Hazard just because I got to see more of him.

5- Law : A doctor ( God bless you bro ! ) smart , handsome , strong , and crazy :) sounds perfect

6-Sanji : And I though chivalry was dead !!! I really miss guys like him in my life.

7- Bartolomeo : * sighs * what's not to like ! He is strong , confident , crazy , loves Luffy , and most importantly DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT PEOPLE !

8- Luffy : I love happy people !!

9- Ace : A protective elder sibling , just like me except am not that hot :D

10- Usopp : Brave (when needed) and funny , what's not to like !!

11- Bonney: A beautiful, strong, rude pirate ! A captain and the ONLY female supernova !! I just love her :)

12- Hina : Well...she is Smoker's best friend * envies her * and she is beautiful and strong too , I like that.

Least favorite characters :

1- Akainu : cause he killed Ace :( it made me sad for 3 days

2- Blackbeard : he gets on my nerves !! especially his laugh . Though I respect his character design.

3- Ramen kenpo dude : F*ing annoying !!! Sanji should've killed him .

Shipings I like :

1- Smoker x Hina: My favorite pairing !! They just look amazing together and make perfect sense. Two strong , hot marines that known each other for so long.

2- Law x Bonney: Same thing as with SmoHina ! Hot strong supernovas . I also like how opposite they are , Law is calm and wise while Bonney is outrageous and loud , they complete each other.

3- Sanji x Nami : You're sure you want to ask me why I ship them ? Think again , They are just PERFECT .

4- Zoro x Vivi: Umm...most people don't like this couple but not me :P Zoro is a tough guy who usually keeps his emotions to himself and lacks any soft touches in his life . Vivi , on the contrary , has a soft personality and lacks tough touches in her life , she also seems more open to her emotions , so yeah to me the balance each others' personalities.

5- Ace x Robin / Franky x Robin : FrankyRobin-- I don't know why but I like them together :) AceRobin-- As children they both were hated by the government and both love their mothers very much . And they are both steaming HOT ;)

6- Mihawk x Hancock: These two are just damn HOT !! Mihawk has never been impressed by her beauty , and I doubt that she knows about his existence :)

7-Doflamingo x Monet : She is so loyal to him and willing to die for him ( well who wouldn't ;) ) and he seemed upset when he ordered her to kill herself and even somewhat apologized for dragging her in all this , Doffy never showed such affection to anyone else. *envies Monet so much*

8- Coby x Tashigi : they just look cute together :D

My Favorite Attacks:

1- Zoro : Shishi Sonson

2- Doflamingo : Parasite

3- Sanji : Diable Jambe/ Arm de l'air

4- Luffy : Red Hawk

5- Sabo : Dragon Claw

6- Ace : Dai Enkai

7-Law : Injection Shot


I listen to pretty much anything with a catchy rhythm , but I prefer rock .

Favorite band : Daughtry

Favorite song : Crazy ( by Daughtry )

Songs that inspired me while writing :

Whispers in the dark-Skillet

Monster-Lady Gaga

No Words-The Script

My Immortal-Evanescence


I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE FOOD !! ( No wonder Bonney is on my favorite character list :D ) and I like trying new cuisines , but I prefer Syrian cuisine ( you should try it !! You don't know what you are missing )

Favorite food : Cakes and Chocolates :D Pasta sounds goo too :D

Favorite drink : Coffee !! hell yes Coffee and more Coffee please

Food I hate : Yogurt -_-


Well...Writing * obviously* I love the fact that I can write whatever I like about who I like ; just imagine them in this place or that place. Writing gives me so much control over a world I wish I had.

Fashion & Makeup : just like any other girl , Fashion is a matter of life or death to me

Dancing: I like belly dancing am actually getting good at it , I hope I'll learn more dances some time :D

Thanks for visiting my profile & hope you enjoy my stories :)

Here is the link to my One Piece page on Facebook :) if any of you is interested


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