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We step into a world that's not unlike our own -

We live another's lives, and reap what they have sown.

Yet still we would not leave it, nor lose all we have seen;

Our lives among their's twisted in a fantastical scene.

Complications Series: A Forever series mixed with mythology. Basically, Death is a real being. Anyway, these have no relation to any other stories and or oneshots, and may contradict themselves in-universe. Don't think too hard...

Segreti Syndicate/Willem Karg Universe Series: this series was inspired by a four minute scene in an episode of Alias, and then an episode of Burn Notice where the character was almost identical to the one is Alias. I have come to deeply enjoy Sebastian Roche's acting, so that is my only excuse. The series started out as just an extended scene for the Alias episode because Karg was so pathetically terrified and I wanted to write the scene from his head, but...well, the story didn't work right so I wrote another story that sort of did what I wanted; but then it needed to be continued and...yeah. I have fifty thousand words in the universe currently, and many more stories to write. This series is basically original fiction given how much I have built into it (like, literally the only thing that is similar is the Brussels incident and the names of some characters...), so no knowledge of the shows is necessary. (Thankfully since I've watched neither!) This series is crossposted on AO3, and there are also music videos for this series that I am finally getting around to posting on Youtube.

This series helped me through some of my worst depression as I worked it out through karg, and I try in the series to show PTSD and Depression realistically and understandably. I know it's probably not perfect but... I try.

I am Forever Grace on Youtube. www . youtube . com / channel / UCIYe9 _ Gt21mOc5jioATeUSw

Bonjour! So as to better know me, I will describe myself below. Have fun!

Age: Well, that depends. Do you want me to count the years I aged time-traveling? Assuming not, I'm near 1,666,45,568. Honest! I'm not lying or stretching the truth at all.

Height: Ummm...Currently? About fifty feet. I've been near two thousand, but that was a few years ago...

Gender: Such a nosy question... I'll answer this in the best way I can though, To satisfy your curios- ... ... ... SORRY. MALFUNCTION. THE INFORMATION YOU REQUESTED IS NOT AVAILABLE. PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER.

Appearance: I have magenta-grey-green-orange-blue-gold-red-black-purple-violet-silver-yellow-red-pink eyes and black-silver-white-blue-red-grey-brown-blonde-green-orange-mousy hair. My skin is olive-black-brown-white-grey-yellow-tanned-sandy colored.

I love music!! Orchestral, classical, Within Temptation, soundtracks, Folk songs from almost any country... Once again, just ask!!!

I am a avid reader and have read every single classic book I can get my hadns on, ever Holmes mystery, any allegorical book-it would take to long it list them all!!!!

I LOVE talking with people!!!! If you ever want to chat about anything, I'll willingly join in!!!

If I start a story, I will finish it. It might take a while, and I might ask for help - but I will finish it (barring death or something like that, of course...).

God bless you!

OH!! And about my favorites list - this is purely for my own use. I favourite stories that are safe to read, and don't have content that I try to avoid - when on my favourite's list, it makes them much easier to find. My favourite Authors is much of the same - but also so that I may finish reading through an author's EXTENSIVE list. So, some might be worse than others, but they are favourited for convenience sake. But, of course, I don't favourite them if I don't like them. Obviously.

I will take requests for stories, or photo manipulations/wallpapers. Which ones I accept are up to my own discretion, but nonetheless. I will especially take requests for missing scenes, prequels, AUs, or continuations of my own stories here.

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