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Dear Reader,

I hate writing profiles it's so hard. You never knows if you're writing too much or not enough or just irrelevant stuff.

So should I tell you how old I am? Probably not I'd have to change that every year and it doesn't really matter in a writing network, does it?

Maybe I should tell you I am German so you might forgive me my spelling and grammer mistakes or the fact that I mix up british and american words. (Though I would be pleased to be corrected it's always good to learn)

I can also tell you that I am interested in fanfictions for quite a while now signing in the biggest german fanfiction archive in 2007 but just now started to read internationally.

I have also written a few pieces but they are not fanfictions mostly poems and short stories.

I read mostly in Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings but what brought me here was Sherlock (the BBC version). I watched it in english and just couldn't read german stories using terms out of the series that just sounded wrong in German. So I decided to look for some storys I could read without shuddering and came here. As you can see I stayed :)

Now my dear reader when you read until this point I can assume I either wrote not enough or exactly the right amount of words in here. If you thought I should have written more and miss any information then feel free to contact me :)

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