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Graduated 2012 AFA


My hobbies include creating artwork from various materials I find outdoors. I like to draw, paint sculpt, photograph and construct new creative pieces of art. I also like to garden, read and crochet in my spare time.

Artist Statement:

I like things to look as authentic as possible. I like drawing skulls because I like to know what is underneath them. I particularly like drawing their cracks because it’s a challenge to me. My interest in details can be seen in my 2-D and 3-D work. I get inspiration for my artwork from life, I see something and it inspires me to draw something mythical or fantasy. A spot on the floor with a peculiar shape or a bit of light illuminating something and I have the immediate urge to create what I see that perhaps others do not. I prefer charcoal because it is a forgiving medium. If I am drawing and wish to change something in the middle of it, I smudge it out and add what I want. I like adding highlights and shadows, it feels as though I am creating the picture in reverse by blackening the paper completely and removing what I don’t want there. I enjoy seeing the picture evolve as I remove the charcoal, working towards myself so I do not smudge the work that is complete. I like the feel of the charcoal as I draw and the feel of it on my hands. I do work with other mediums such as clay, paints and blown glass, however charcoal and drawing is my favorite.

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