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Hi, I'm Xiao Xiao Mei. (Or just Xiao Mei if you know me from the PR forums.)

I am a budding artist and writer who is strongly driven by her inner editor and procrastination. This is why, while I would love to update all my stories on a reliable weekly schedule, I have been forced to take periodic breaks and hiatuses to keep up with my preferred quality.

If you would like to see a story updated more regularly, please write a review or send a PM to me. I won't drop a story due to lack of interest from the audience, but it would help motivate me to work on it more.

Here's a little blurb of what's going on for me:

So, as you guys know, I'm not updating either of my stories. This is due to the usual stuff: getting to know the characters better, developing a better plot line, and just not working on it very often. Now, I'm here to assure you that I'm still interested in working on both stories even though it's been... what? Two and a half years?? Wow... I never realized I was gone that long. Let me get on that...
Oh yeah! I'm working on a short story to help me get used to writing with Yu Wo's characters. I'll be posting it once the entire story is done, or at least until the part I have planned is done. Who knows how far it'll grow once I'm actually writing it.. Anyway, I hope you guys will enjoy reading and please remember to send me any thoughts you have!


Legend of Prince- Based on Legend of Whom by Bleeb90.

I'm working on rewriting the story to make room for a new and improved plot line. If you have any ideas or questions regarding this, feel free to PM me. Please be patient with me.

Update: On Hiatus.

No Odder Than Usual- A 1/2 Prince fan fiction I am writing with Grinning Wolf 24.

A comedy about our characters Jade and Kittatinny playing Second Life. Grinning Wolf 24 and I agreed to delete the story until further notice since it was taking us so long to rewrite it. If you have any questions about this, feel free to PM me.

Update: Deleted
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