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Well, this is my first attempt at writing, so please be nice! I hope you like it and that its not too poor...

Oh, and please review!

Just to clear up confusion, there will be more, i just haven't quite got around to writing it yet... Also probs gonna start a new ff with bluejello86 soon so keep an eye out-yes thats right to my two reviewers who weren't bullied into reading my stuff, there is more coming lol

I haven't had time to write much recently or e-mail people, but thanks to anyone who had reviewed I really appreciate it! Somehow I have managed to find myself a life over the past few weeks, and thus haven't had much time but I will be writing more soon-probably when I'm meant to be revising hehe

Oh and just because I'm lazy and cant be arsed to put it at the beginning of each chapter:
DISCLAIMER: I don't own SG or anyone in it. Damn. Looking for a Christmas present for me anyone?

Erm, OK, I do actually have every intention of writing more for this story and perhaps one day even finishing it, its jst that I'm a lazy arse. Sorry! Promise to write more soon...

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