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Ace Warbringer PM
Joined Mar '14

A working man, I write for fun.

Trying to write a little each day

currently writing

Dawnhammer : Halo/Mass Effect crossover

Arcanum: of Anna and Elsa obscura : frozen/Arcanum AU.

of Ice and Dragons : crossover Frozen/ The Elder Scrolls; Skyrim (main story finished: beta rewrite by Master T-Rex)

beta status projects (not posted but partially written or in development)

A sequel to ice and dragons. (character development and story-line development)

alpha status stuff (random thoughts in my head that may become stories)

Deadspace/Doom crossover (where do those markers come from exactly?)

a crossover involving characters from of ice and dragons with LOTR

If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to PM.
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