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Hey there I'm DiaSphere

hmm...perhaps some information first.

I'm a girl, German and currently 20 years old.

I like Animes and everything related to Japan.

Favourite Animes

It's quite a list of what I saw, so I'll just give you my favourites...and favourite character

One Piece, first is Luffy of course and then Law

Naruto Shippuuden, here it is Naruto

Magi, favourite is Alibaba

Kuroko no basket, Kise Ryouta and Kuroko

Hikaru no Go, Sai

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Fai *hyuu hyuu*


But I also love my childhood german dubbed Animes like

Inuyasha, fav: Inuyasha

and most of all Digimon:

Digimon 01/02: Idon't really have a fav, let's say Gatomon

Digimon Frontier: difficult -.-" First I'd say Koji, I kind of like the cool ones, and I like his interaction with his brother and foremost Takuya, which earns him a fav too

season 3 and 5 aren't my favourite and 6 only the first half was good, the whole hunter thing was to Pokemon like and Tagiru just got on my nerve -.-

Right now I don't have a fanfiction on my own, but I work on one

Other than anime

My current obsession is Merlin from BBC , how can you not love it

For now that's all, but I might add more later

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