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Hi! my name is Ask and i'm from norway way up there yeah

You can refer to me by any pronouns, but they/them always work

I'm autistic and currently going through my second year of college

I turn 19 at the end of october i almost became a child of the hollows

English isn't my first language so i apologize if i use it incorrectly at times!! óvò

My main jam is nakamaship and ASL and i rarely venture into romance territory bc that just isn't my thing most of the time //shrugs

i don't post much to bc my stuff usually isn't good enough lmao but you can still check out my OP au's and drabbles right here on my - tumblr


colour outside the lines (platonic polyamorous modern AU strawhat fic, with plenty of ASL)

it has no name yet what do i name this what the shit (Unhealthily dependent ASL fic set in a modern au.)

this has no name either but it'll be written, eventually (ASL are blood brothers, autistic, and rouge is a loving mother and in a poly w/roger and dragon. Super happy fic)

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