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En tarro tassadar, for any of you that get that internet high five my favorite game of all time. ok back to some what normal world hi if anyone decides to check out my profile i dont want gaint blank while i try to find someone to assist me in making a story so in the mean time ill tell you a bit about my self.

Well first of im a active duty marine currently depolyed so my hours are a bit off if anyone does notice im commenting at late hours thats why, second i love learning new storys or ideas from people what that means basicly is i love anime manga fanfics games youtube series anything with a good story line...that sounded better in my head bah ill change it if i think of something better.

Music: i like rock and EDM(dubstep falls under EDM if you were confused) but more of a relaxed type called chillstep example would be EDM-Blackmill Rock-Social Distortion or Rise Against

Anime: wow ill try to limit it so here goes. Kill la Kill, Gosick, Spice and Wolf, Princess Resurrection, Guilty crown, Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo, angel beats, curse cubed curious(C3), Heavens lost property, and Love chuunibyou and other delusions.

hmmm i cant think of anything right now but i like to meet new people so feel free to leave me a message

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