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hey I'm Dekkasaurus! (whispers dorkasaurus)
I am a regular digital artist on deviantART (under the same name) and semi-regular fanfiction writer
whilst I'm not always writing fanfictions/stories, I come here often to read
my main ships and fandoms are down below!

a lot of my fanfictions (inc. four from pre-2015 unpublished) are inspired by music from Monstercat
profile picture: OC drawn by duskiiez @ deviantART

you can find me on deviantART at Dekkasaurus, tumblr at puff-of-anti-social-smoke (main) & dksaur (art blog)


Just Two Dorks (Steven Universe)
ø Pearlidot human au - Pearl is a librarian, Peridot a game design college student
ø no longer than 10 chapters
ø just an amalgam of fluff between Pearl & Peridot and Peridot & Lapis

Saying More Than Words (Steven Universe)
ø fluffy ship prompts
ø most Gem ships (definite no's: Jaspearl, Jasnet, Pearlapis, Lapisnet, Steven x Gems)
ø one shots only - longer ones will be posted separately

Little Too Close (Steven Universe)
ø canonverse two-shot
ø Pearlrose part 1, Lapidot part 2, possible MysteryPearl bonus
ø inspired by WRLD - Little Too Close (ft. Veronika Redd)

I Want You to Want Me (concept only)
ø Pearl's parents decide that it's time to move to Australia, where her father came from
ø she's initially distraught with the complete change of pace in the new country, but slowly opens up to the array of people she meets
ø mainly Pearlrose, other ships undecided

We Are All We've Got (concept only) (probably abandoned)
ø Rose Quartz is the sole survivor of the Corruption Event. It's not easy facing your past comrades, friends, lovers.

? (Steven Universe) (concept only) (probably abandoned question mark?)
ø angsty polygem romance
ø Pearl POV
ø 10 - 15 chapters

extensive list of ships (in order sorta):

Steven Universe: Pearl x Rose, Yellow Diamond x Blue Diamond, Lapis x Peridot, Pearl x Peridot, Mystery Girl/Sheena x Pearl, Steven x Connie, Garnet x Amethyst x Pearl, Pearl x Amethyst, Rose x Greg

Misc: Alphys x Undyne (Undertale), Princess Bubblegum x Marceline (Adventure Time), Cosima x Delphine (Orphan Black), Clarke x Lexa (The 100), Laura x Danny (Carmilla), Laura x Carmilla (Carmilla)

[general] dogs, cats, reptiles, egalitarianism/equality, playing games, binge watching shows, lgbt in shows (esp. cartoons), pork, chips

[music] monstercat, nulabee, vixx, exo, bts, undertale ost, assassin's creed ost, florence & the machine, pvris

[games] assassin's creed, undertale, okami, skyrim, dishonoured, aragami, subnautica

[shows] steven universe, adventure time, orphan black, agents of SHIELD, bbc sherlock, doctor who, carmilla

[other] jacksepticeye, markiplier, dan & phil, mkatwood, youtube in general tbh, pearl, sleeping, vines, fan art, fanfiction

[nope] spiders, thunder, flying, anxiety-inducing situations, mushrooms, most alcohol, balloons

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