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Greetings to all who come here!

As you should all be aware, if you're on this site at all, I'm an avid author, but time is of the essence in my life, but I always seem to make time to write. I'm also active duty with the Royal Canadian Navy, so sailing is a real excuse for me. I do try to write while at sea, but working 15 hour days, I mostly just want to sleep when I finish my watches. I usually try to update a story while in port though.

Now, if you read my stories, a big thank you is in order, if you don't...well then...I recommend it!

Favorite Pairings

Code Geass: Lelouch/Cornelia- Eh, it's royalty, so having a relationship within family isn't too hard to believe. Both of them compliment each other very well in my opinion. Lelouch/C.C. and Lelouch/Euphemia

Mass Effect: Shepard(M)/Miranda

Kim Possible: Ron/Shego, Ron/Bonnie

Danny Phantom: Danny/Ember

Favorite Anime's: Code Geass, Girls und Panzer

Favorite Games: Mass Effect, Animal Crossing, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Cities Skylines

Favorite Shows: Kim Possible, Chuck, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Danny Phantom

If you would like to suggest ideas for my Lelouch and Cornelia story, one of them anyways, known as "By the People, For the People" you can do so by sending me a message.

Please enjoy the stories I write.

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