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I will wholeheartedly admit that I'm a fanfiction junky. I have been reading it for years...and am being encouraged by friends to actually write some as well. Maybe if I ever get the courage to do so I will, but until then, I'll be enjoying all these fantastic fics written by all these wonderful authors that are out there. I bounce frequently from fandom to fandom, reading whatever I'm in the mood for.

And at the moment, it's Batman and Young Justice. Can't be helped, I will and forever always be a sidekick junkie. I like the hero's don't get me wrong, but there's something about sidekicks that make me grin, and fall completely in love with them. Seriously, any TV show, book, or movie I get into it's always the sidekicks that I fall in love with. For Batman it's Robin-I absolutely adore Dick Grayson's character...while I do like the other characters who become Robin after Dick, there's nothing like the original. Wally is a close second-I grew up loving Flash, for my brothers it was often Superman or Batman, but for me it was Flash-I don't know why there was just something about him that I liked, and I enjoyed his story line too. When I watched YJ and saw Wally for the first time-well, my heart just melted. So naturally, I'm a huge Robin and KF fan, and well most of the fics in that fandom have taken over my favorites section hehe. It also makes it awfully tempting to write a fic of my own...maybe someday.

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