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Well my fans hope you love all my story's I made for you guys. Remember that all of these books came straight from creativity, not just thinking. Also if you think that's boring then ignore it.

Favorite Shows:

WWE Raw and Smackdown

Yu-Gi-Oh(Original, GX, 5Ds, Zexal)


Batman Beyond.

The New Adventures of Batman

Favorite WWE Superstars:

Roman Reigns

Triple H



Favorite Movies:

Percy Jackson and The Olympians

Harry Potter

Batman Begins to The Dark Knight Rises.

Favorite Books:

Harry Potter

Percy Jackson

The Heroes of Olympus.

Most Favorite Characters:

Joshua Neos.(Yu-Gi-Oh GX) Looks: Part Korean Boy. Brown hair. Elemental Villain deck User.

Jack Heat.(Power Rangers Ninja Storm) Looks: PartEnglish. Trained at the Fire Ninja Academy. Uses Fire Morpher

Harron.(Digimon) Look: Part Japanese. Trained in a Ninja Academy until fire. Has Ninjamon.

Jake Striker.(Percy Jackson) Look: American. Came from California. Part Gitan.

Jack Blake.(Yu-Gi-Oh Masters) Look: From an different country near Domino City. Uses Egyptian Deck. In God Fighters group.

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